A Complete Guide about CBD Tincture

Introduction CBD tinctures are a type of cannabis product that is related to but not the same as CBD oil. CBD tinctures are not widely available, owing in part to their harsh flavour. Many tincture-like items are actually CBD oils. CBD is an appealing option for those seeking pain and symptom relief without the mind-altering […]

Cannabis for Migraine Relief: Can Cannabis Really Help?

cannabis for migraine

Introduction Treatment options for migraine headaches are limited due to medical reasons. Is there anything more you may try if no over-the-counter or prescription medication helps your pain, nausea, or sensitivity to sunlight or noise? In some instances, Marijuana might be used as an over-the-counter treatment for migraines. Evidence suggests that it may reduce migraine […]

Live Resin – Everything You Need to Know

Live Resin - Everything You Need to Know

Live Resin concentrates are not only an intriguing new form to ingest cannabis, but they are also becoming more popular among vapers. This concentrate category includes everything from vape cartridges to dabs, becoming less of a niche and more of a trend. According to research, retail consumer appeal is boosting the concentrates category toward an […]

Can Cannabis Help with COVID 19: Medical Affairs and Case Studies

Can Cannabis help with COVID 19: Medical Affairs and case studies?

Cannabis is now doing more good than harm in society these days. Research over the years has shown the different benefits of cannabis and its properties. Cannabis, through the cannabinoid CBD, has helped with common illnesses. Illnesses like inflammation, anxiety, stress and so on. The bad notion about cannabis has been swept away by this […]

The Four Major THC’s and their Benefits

Cannabinoids occur naturally in the plant Cannabis sativa. Currently there are over 110 cannabinoids known. The commonly known among these compounds is the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC), which is the main psychoactive ingredient. Scientists and other researchers are discovering more about the cannabis plant with every passing year. As they learn more about the plant, its components […]