$100 COUPON CONTEST – Must be a Member to participate.

EVERYONE IS A WINNER > You will get a guaranteed $20 just for participating. We will select 1 Winner out of every 10 Contestants that participate with THE BEST SHOTS from all the pictures we receive until the end of each month. You can send multiple images to increase your chances. In the 1st week of the following month, we will publish the results and will send $100 coupons to the Winning Contestants.

THAT’S A 1 in 10 CHANCES TO WIN $100. Odds don’t get better than that, and we have looked. Check the previous winners below.

RULES: Tag an Interesting Item in an Interesting Setting with our Grass Chief Logo, take a picture of that, write a proper caption or commentary, and post your picture on any social media or website you wish and tag or mention Grass Chief in your post.

Your chances improve with the following:
#1. Quality of the Image:  It doesn’t have to be high resolution, only in focus.
#2. Content: We are looking for creativity, something that represents us in a tasteful and/or humorous way.
#3. Sharing on Social Media:  We hope that more people can enjoy your art, so post it on social media and let us know where to find it so we can Like it 🙂
Then simply send us the post link or a screenshot to our email at [email protected]; Please make sure your post is publicly visible.  No Cannabis pics, please.

So what are you waiting for?? Take a photo and send it over for $20 and a chance to Win a $100 Grand Prize!

Grass Chief Monthly Contest Winners

May 2022 Winners

Congratulations to the winners, and a huge thank you to all the participants 🙂

Coffee or Tea it's the Grass Chief for me! Rockstar tincture infused brown sugar and Wedding cake distillate honey goes perfect in either drink. 📸 Lawrence

📸 Randy

Apr 2022 Winners

Spent my 420 morning feeding the ducks with the chief! Beautiful morning here in the Okanogan with me, the ducks, and the chief! 📸 Lawrence

Bringing the Chief along to unwind with classic reggae albums 📸 Nelson

Mar 2022 Winners

Everyday is grass chief day 📸 Tania

Beautiful day to be hanging with the chief 📸 Denis

Feb 2022 Winners

Peace, love and green 📸 Dawn

Super Bowl with the Chief! 📸 Joshua

Jan 2022 Winners

Grass Chief keeps you protected 📸 Randy

Winter storms are no problem with the chief 📸 George

Dec 2021 Winners

Cutting cords with The Chief 📸 Dorion

Holiday Cheers with the Chief 💨 📸 Samantha

Nov 2021 Winners

I spy with my eye things from the cheif 📸 Jordan

The truth will set you free 📸 Martin

Oct 2021 Winners

Hunting for shrooms with the chief 📸 Dawn
Got one of the stickers on my lamp 😎 📸 Allen

Sep 2021 Winners

Chief Zepplin 📸 Tania
😍 📸 Tavia & Chad

Aug 2021 Winners

One more day till he’s high in the sky 📸 Lara
Me and the Chief looking to the West 📸 George

Jul 2021 Winners

Who's that toking in the garden? Your friendly neighborhood Grass Chief of course! 🔥 📸 Kayla

The chief and the Jays. A great combination. 📸 Mark

Jun 2021 Winners

Grass chief and stuffed crust pizza 😍💨🔥🔥 📸 Drew

Beach Day with the Chief! 📸 Kimberly

May 2021 Winners

Stay away from the Darkside, Head on over to Grasschief 📸 Jordan

Chief helping me get these chores done! 📸 George

April 2021 Winners

Ready to burn with the Chief 📸 Dawn

You, Me and the Sea but don't forget the Chief 📸 Robert

March 2021 Winners

Grass chief helped me make some banana chocolate chip pancakes! 📸 @mwd_chief_supporter

The chief lights the way! 📸 Samantha

February 2021 Winners

Only catch of the day 🎣 #icefishing #grasschief #northernontario 📸 : @budbroad420

I turned myself into a pickle! With the chief 📸 : Josh

January 2021 Winners

I really appreciate the expedited shipping... and so does this guy! Thank you!! 📸 Abbey

#RespectYourElders #BigChiefIsTalking 📸 Denis

December 2020 Winners

Time for a workout, getting the Chief into shape for the New Year! 🙂 📸 Krista

Morning joe is always better with the chief 📸 Basam

November 2020 Winners

Dernier travaux d'automne avant l'hiver!! Jamais sans mon Grass Chief!!!! 📸 Felix

📸 Samantha

October 2020 Winners

An upcycled cigar jar from the 60's is now a smoking buddy for chilly weather! 📸 Nelson

GRASSCHIEF is always with me and my Hoe because we really Dig them 📸 Clinton

September 2020 Winners

Grasschief lily bug 📸 Hailey

The Chief, Tim Hortons and RC Crawling on the Canadian Shield = Priceless !!!!! 📸🤳-- Susan

August 2020 Winners

I give you Moraine Lake 📸 : @mwd_chief_supporter

Davy Jones enjoying The Chiefs finest! 📸 : Joshua

July 2020 Winners

Dudley is off on an adventure in the woods with the Chief! 📸 : Krista

That’s Dank Grass! 📸 : Colette

June 2020 Winners

Betta Chief 📸 : Tania

Cove bike life! 📸 : @abbeyjeanboyd

May 2020 Winners

Chappie's Gotta Keep it Gangster With Grass Chief! 📸 : Troy
If we are going be all COOPED at least we got the Chief 📸 : Marco

April 2020 Winners

Fishing off my deck in North Vancouver 📸 : Chris
COVID-19 survival kit: Video Games+Grass Chief 😀 📸 : Felix

March 2020 Winners

I have my motorcycle in my living room, thank goodness for Grass Chief 📸 : Holly
"let's cover up and move on the Chiefs arrived" 📸 : @mrslavigne

February 2020 Winners

This bunny loves Grass Chief's "grass" 📸 : @s_k_embo
Enjoying a nice beer in Cuba with my Bubba 📸 : Jarit