Matrix Extracts Shatter

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  • 1g pure THC Shatter
  • Matrix is based out of Vancouver.
  • Guaranteed 75-90% THC content.
  • Purged of any residual solvents and impurities.
  • Does NOT contain Vitamin E, Polyethylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, MCT or any other fillers.
  • Wrapped in non-stick terpene sheets instead of parchment for a greater experience.
  • Lab Tested
  • Select one or more strains from below
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  • Other Shatter Brand: Orca ShatterBuzzed Extracts Shatter and Hippie Shatter

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Shatter can melt in the mail on hot days, especially in the hot metal mailboxes.  We do our best to package it with heat resistant packaging and we refuse responsibility for melted or buddered shatter so please don’t bother asking for any compensation as a result, Please!

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