Ice Wreck Smalls – AAA

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  • Lineage and Emergence: A hybrid combining genetics from Ice and Trainwreck, originating in the 90s, remains favored among fans of potent sativa strains.
  • Flavors, Aromas, Appearance: Exudes tropical scents of mango, pineapple, and lemon; when combusted, delivers fruity inhales and a sour, skunky exhale; dense nugs covered in trichomes with orange pistils, offering an appealing appearance and aroma.
  • Effects and High: Immediate cerebral buzz inducing euphoria and creativity; high potency could lead to discomfort like anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness at higher doses; ends with a gentle transition into a relaxed state without excessive sedation.
  • Consumption Tips: Due to its high potency, recommendations include using small doses via snappers or one-hitters, mixing with milder strains in joints, utilizing dry herb vaporizers on low settings, or consuming as edibles for gradual effects.
  • Hybrid
  • Effects: Tingly, Giggly, Euphoric
  • Medical: Stress, Depression, Pain
  • Flavour: Menthol, Herbal. Mint
  • THC: Up to 27%

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