Awesome Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Awesome Gift Ideas For Christmas

2020 is almost over, and Grass Chief wants to help you finish this year with a very merry “holidaze” season.
We have stocking stuffers, edible treats and gifts for just about everyone on your list. If you’re stuck at home, why not make it the best Staycation Canna-season ever!!! Best of all, we have the deals to keep it affordable without compromising on quality.  Here are some of our favourite gift ideas for 2020.

Old School Cannabis! 

Who doesn’t like getting a big ol’ bag of weed any time of the year? Cannabis flower is simple and satisfying—there’s no better way to show you care than by gifting beautiful aromatic medicine. We’ve got an excellent selection of AAA and AAAA strains in stock right now, and are confident that we have the perfect strain for everyone!

Better yet, take advantage of any of our epic bundle deals to stretch your dollar. You can choose multiple different strains with our bundle deals to make your own custom half ounce, ounce or quarter pound. That’s sure to put you on the Nice LIst!

Concentrated on the Festivities! 

This year, we have really stocked our shelves with some outstanding concentrates! Whether you are new to concentrates, or a daily dabber – we know we have what you’re looking for.

Buzzed Extracts has released some great products this year. Their CO2 Honey Oil comes in both cartridge and syringe refills, and makes the best stocking stuffers! Also, 2020 was a big year for Buzzed HCFSE Diamonds! These beautiful rocks are available in many strains and great prices for the holiday season. Your dabs have never looked so icy!

Matrix has affordable distillate syringes back in stock, in lots of flavours – great for dabs or even cooking up some homemade baking.  Matrix is no stranger to nailing what customers want. They offer the 2 best selling disposable vapes on the market, the Matrix Stealth and Stealth Plus. As the name suggests, these tiny pens are about as discreet as they come, but they certainly don’t sacrifice anything in the way of quality or potency—Matrix sports some of the highest potency concentrates on the market today!

Check out the full list of concentrate options HERE!

SUGAR Helps 

If you are looking for something to snack on over this holiday season, we would like to introduce you to our new and growing selection of edibles.

Looking for Canna-Sugar to cook with? Craving a few gummies to help set the festive mood? Look no further!

Arguably the perfect edible for a winter’s night is a hot drink. That’s right – a THC/CBD infused beverage! Enjoy many options with our selection of Hot Chocolates, made with premium ingredients and perfectly paired with a delicious chocolate chip cookie from DT Edibles. 

Nothing says the holiday season like eating lots and lots of chocolate. Luckily, Chocolit and Opulence brands have taken their passion for delicious chocolate and combined it with a love of cannabis. These chocolate bars are made with high quality, sustainably sourced ingredients, they taste incredible, and they pack an accurate dose of cannabinoids into each individual piece.

For the Gummy Bear in you, consider checking out our impressive selection of your favorite food group.  Mmmedibles are made with care and the best ingredients to deliver an excellent, consistent dosage in every bite. Boost and Herbivores are also on our shelves, try out a few options to find your perfect dose!!


Better and more compact technology has done wonders for portable vaporizers, which are now more discrete and efficient than ever before. Give the gift of vaporizing power to the person on your list who can’t get enough gadgetry.  Not only that, but who wants to come back to the office and smell like a hotbox?

For shatter and wax vaping, hit the spot with Yocan Evolve Plus XL.  It’s everything that you want in a vaporizer:  It’s sleek, portable, powerful and the 1400mAh battery is built to last in between charges. For pocket vaporizers, we have the Yocan Uni Pro available for a most compact option. Both options come in different colours, find one just right for you!

Matrix offers their version of a pocket vape, the Matrix Core Pen. Their gear is slender and discrete, and cartridges are offered in a variety of strains to satisfy every need. This pen was wildly popular for 2020 and proves that it can take your cerebral matter to another level, an ideal present that’s sure to satisfy even the most exacting techies over this holiday season


We all have someone on our list who wants something unique. Fortunately, there are interesting products out there to make everyone happy. Momma Canna Creams are a top product for 2020. Offered in such variations as Stress, Inflammation and Pain Relief, these magic creams are excellent when it comes to muscle pain and stressful times. Simply rub the cream on the affected area and wait for the relief in a matter of moments.

To reduce anxiety and increase relaxation, Momma Canna Tinctures are a steal at the price. Does your mom need help sleeping? Does your body hurt at the end of the day? Momma Canna Tinctures come in 5 different strengths and make a perfect stocking stuffer.



Whoever you’re buying for, there’s sure to be a Cannabis product that satisfies. From beautiful buds to tech to THC-sugar, the possibilities of cannabis-fueled holiday fun are endless. Why not start your holiday shopping right here, right now, and make sure that you’ve got the goods with time to spare!


GC’s Top 10 products for 2020

  1. Buzzed HCFSE Diamonds: GSC
  2. Momma Canna Creams: Stress
  3. DT Edibles Chocolate Chip Cookies: 100mg Cookie
  4. Dry Cannabis: Blue Coma
  5. Matrix Terp Sauce Syringe: Wedding Cake
  6. Dry Cannabis: Donkey Butter
  7. Stealth Plus: Durban
  8. Buzzed Shatter: Wedding Cake
  9. Buzzed Co2 Honey Oil Cart: Blue Dream
  10. Boost Edibles: Variety Pack 300mg


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