Can Cannabis Help with COVID 19: Medical Affairs and Case Studies

Can Cannabis help with COVID 19: Medical Affairs and case studies?

Cannabis is now doing more good than harm in society these days. Research over the years has shown the different benefits of cannabis and its properties. Cannabis, through the cannabinoid CBD, has helped with common illnesses. Illnesses like inflammation, anxiety, stress and so on. The bad notion about cannabis has been swept away by this research.

COVID 19 has created a worldwide pandemic that is putting the whole world on its toes. The Coronavirus has spread through all the continents. It is a major concern as borders are being shut, businesses are also down to curb the excesses of the pandemic. 

Different research is on the way to finding a permanent cure for COVID 19. But vaccines are available to curb the spread. So, can Cannabis help with COVID 19?  Read on as we dissect this question in the article.

Understanding COVID situation and Cannabis

You might be wondering if COVID-19 can be combated with cannabis, given its incredible medical properties. Corona is a worldwide disease that affects everyone at this time. People have died as a result of the COVID-19 virus. Also, the closure of international borders, and the near-collapse of economies. This contagious respiratory illness can weaken with a fever, exhaustion, and difficulty breathing. It’s even dangerous.

CBD and cannabis have been the subject of a lot of research as potential COVID-19 therapies. It’s vital to remember this depending on the stage of the disease. Cannabinoids may benefit or harm a patient. Each stage of the disease would likely need quite different treatments. Patients must establish an immunological response to attack the virus in the early stages. Thus, their immune system must be at its best. But a patient with a severe case of COVID-19 might develop a cytokine storm. Later on, cannabis immunosuppressive properties may combat the cytokine storm. Thus, damaging its often-fatal effects. It’s crucial to test the safety and efficacy of isolated cannabinoids or Cannabis. This should be in clinical settings at various phases of COVID-19 infection. 

Can Cannabis help with the COVID 19 virus?

A published study shows that there are ways Cannabis can help with COVID 19. Researchers show the testing of medical cannabis against the symptoms of the COVID 19 infection.

1. Treatment of the Cytokine Storm

A “cytokine storm” is one of the key biological events that occur in the body. It happens to people with severe acute respiratory distress caused by COVID-19. When the body’s levels of proinflammatory cytokines spike, it’s called a cytokine storm. A cytokine storm is caused by a group of proteins called cytokines. The inflammation rises because of the cytokines that are in the cytokine storm. 

COVID-19 patients develop lung fibrosis. This is a dangerous and incurable illness that causes scarring of lung tissue. It also makes breathing more difficult. It might be possible to reduce inflammation and avoid lung fibrosis. Thus, putting COVID-19 patients in remission if a drug could stop the cytokine storm.

Sativa, a form of cannabis, lowers various cytokines and pathways. They are linked to inflammation and fibrosis in cytokine storm research. TNFa and IL-6 were two of the cytokines lowered by Sativa. When aiming to prevent two things, these are the primary targets. a cytokine storm caused by COVID-19 and acute respiratory distress syndrome. Many types of research have confirmed cannabis’ anti-cytokine storm properties. 

CBD is an active cannabinoid component present in cannabis. It was also found to lower pro-inflammatory cytokines. Then it improves clinical symptoms in mice with COVID-19-like symptoms in a mouse model study published in 2020. 

CBD may be useful in the treatment of COVID-19 because it reduces the cytokine storm. According to the research, it also helps to protect lung tissue from inflammation.

2. Prevention

There is currently a limited amount of verified study data associating cannabis to COVID-19 prevention. But there is new research in place that is studying the mixture of CBD into oral supplements.

This is with solutions like mouthwashes and throat gargling liquids. This is with the goal of ‘lowering or modulating ACE2 levels in high-risk tissues. Because ACE2 levels show to be necessary for lung function in animal models of SARS viruses. studies have discovered that they alter with the progression of COVID-19. As a result, the capacity to adjust these levels becomes particularly significant.

3. Pain alleviation

COVID-19 symptoms cause a lot of individuals agony. Body aches, sore throats, and headaches are just a few of the symptoms. As a pain treatment, marijuana has shown potential. This is due to its ability to boost serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter involved in pain relief.

4. Anxiety

Following the diagnosis of COVID-19, patients may develop anxiety. Because of the disease’s highly infectious nature, patients are isolated from their friends and family. The seriousness and terrifying nature of the situation could harm your mental health. Anxiety manifests itself in this way.

Anxiety-relieving qualities have been demonstrated in cannabis chemicals, particularly CBD. CBD is a type of cannabinoid that has been shown to help with stress and anxiety. CBD boosts serotonin production while lowering cortisol levels. Because serotonin reduces anxiety and cortisol is a stress hormone. It is present in higher amounts in people with anxiety and depression. Thus, lowering these chemicals is critical for anxiety treatment.

Can a COVID patient inhale Cannabis Smoke?

For most people, smoking cannabis flowers is a better way of consuming cannabis. However, this is not the only way to consume cannabis. There are different ways to consume cannabis which will even enable you to gain access to its nutrients. The majority of cannabis research recommends that we use oil extracts, such as CBD oil. Other options available for taking cannabis are vaping, nasal sprays, ingestion and skin (topical) application. These will help to protect the lungs from the toxic chemicals that come with smoking cannabis.

The Risk factor (Things to Consider)

Here are four key points to remember with Cannabis and COVID: 

  1. Cannabis smoke contains a lot of compounds and small particles. They are harmful, carcinogenic, and induce genetic alterations. Furthermore, these substances also have a link to cardiovascular and respiratory disorders. This is as well as cardiovascular morbidity and death (Brook et al., 2010; Pope et al., 2009; Manolis et al., 2019). Individuals who smoke cannabis with a joint, a bong, or a pipe tend to inhale more. They keep the smoke in their lungs for a longer period. 
  2. THC in cannabis smoke or other forms can reduce the immune system’s ability to protect the body. The protection is from external germs, making it more susceptible to illness. THC, for example, has been demonstrated to decrease the ability of immune system cells. And also, the “immune messengers” ability to modulate enough immune responses. This is against foreign pathogens such as viruses in preclinical investigations in rodents.
  3. Smoking cannabis has the potential to harm one’s lungs. The frequent use of cannabis can lead to deep coughs and phlegm. Other respiratory symptoms associated with cannabis usages, such as wheezing, sore throat, chest tightness, and hoarse voice, have been widely recorded.
  4. Vaping unrestricted cannabis extracts can cause serious lung and pulmonary problems. Cannabis vaping goods, which are largely obtained on the black market. They recently have a link to serious lung sickness. This has resulted in death in certain cases. While the exact ingredient or ingredients in these products that caused these results are unknown, the key agent appears to be vitamin E which they use as a thickener in cannabinoid-infused oils. 

The Bottom line

Cannabis research is still on to compare the effects against COVID 19. As new variants are being detected every day, we can only hope for a definite cure for the COVID virus. The question “Can Cannabis help with COVID 19” stills has a lot of research ongoing. But Cannabis and its cannabinoids have proven to help with the symptoms of COVID 19. It is also advisable to avoid smoking and vaping cannabis as a means of consumption. This has adverse effects on the lungs and the body in general. Lastly, it is advisable to consult your doctor before medicating on medical cannabis as a COVID 19 patient. Don’t forget to stay safe always!

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