10 Must-Toke Cannabis Strains

Cannabis Strains

Everybody and their grandmother has a favourite strain. Frankly, we’re living in the best time in history for creativity in cannabis strains cultivation. As consumers today, we’ve got the choice of proven favourites and new kids on the block, with more and more bigger, better strains coming out every year. There’s a lot of hype out there around a lot of strains, whether due to their superior genes, buds, flavour or high. Here are just a few exemplary cannabis strains which every stoner should have an opinion on.


Also known as Lamb’s Breath, this is a legendary and sticky sativa that hails from Jamaica. This strain is famous for its thoroughly positive high, which is revered for its ability to ease stress and promote positive introspection. Lamb’s Bread’s effects include happiness and euphoria, and it has been used to successfully treat depression and other emotional disorders. This cannabis strain is recognized by its bright green colour and sticky buds.

Why you’ve got to try it: Lamb’s Bread was reportedly one of Bob Marley’s go-to smokes, and if it was good enough for cannabis culture’s de facto figurehead, it must be something special.


A potent indica that gets its name from its geographic origin, Afghani is one of the best cannabis strains out there for treating insomnia, stress, and pain. Moreover, it’s a fun smoke for easy nights—it seriously mellows you out without any bad vibes. Afghani has a sweet, earthy nose, and understated appearance, and is characterized by its heavy resin production.

Why you’ve got to try it: Afghani is a cornerstone strain, meaning that its genotype has been used to produce a significant amount (some sources say “almost all”) of recent major cannabis breeding achievements. Some popular strains that owe their existence to Afghani include: Sour Diesel, Cheese, Northern Lights and Blueberry.


OG Kush is another strain with a storied legacy. This hybrid strain came out of nowhere—seriously, its origins are still unknown—to become the uncontested “Queen of Cali” in the late 90s. She’s got one of the most memorable aromas of all time: a piney, sweet, sour-lemon calling card that has become emblematic of the OG Kush lineage. OG Kush is cherished for its relaxing vibe and surge of euphoria.

Why you’ve got to try it: This is one of the strongest strains in the world. OG Kush has taken home multiple Cannabis Cup awards, including having the highest lab-tested THC content at the 2014 awards, where it weighed in at a whopping 24.04%! Not only that, but OG Kush has become a cornerstone genotype itself, and is allegedly a parent of one in three new hybrid cannabis strains today!


This strain was once known as Girl Scout Cookies, but its producers have switched to the shorter acronym in order to avoid issues with the association from which it gets its name. GSC is still a new kid on the block—she only really entered the scene less than a decade ago—but she’s already earned quite the following. This is a hybrid that does not mess around—GSC produces unstoppable waves of euphoria, as well as bone-deep relaxation. In her short years, GSC has already developed a significant number of descendants and phenotypes.

Why you’ve got to try it: Plain and simple, GSC is STRONG. This strain came out of the blue to measure a record-breaking lab-tested THC content at the 2015 Cannabis Cup awards: 25.14%. And she’s still a fresh-face . . .


Blueberry is a descendant of Afghani, and one of Canada’s most famous exports. This tasty bud came to be in the 1970s, and rocketed to international fame after being crowned Best Indica at the Cannabis Cup awards in 2000. It has got beautiful colours and is appreciated by patients the world over for its ability to suppress pain and promote long-lasting relaxation and euphoria. Blueberry genes can be found in many popular fruity cannabis strains today.

Why you’ve got to try it: Yes, Blueberry tastes like fresh blueberries. This strain set the bar for flavour-strains, both through the quality of its flavour, and the potency of its effects. This is arguably the strain that started it all when it comes to fruity smoke.


There’s medicinal cannabis, and then there’s medicinal cannabis—OG Chemo is about as medicinal as it gets. OG Chemo is a strain that includes genetics initially conceived at the University of British Columbia specifically to combat the nasty side effects of chemotherapy treatment. Nausea, lack of appetite, pain, insomnia, and even stress are no match for the brilliant minds that grew the first batch of this bud.

Why you’ve got to try it: OG Chemo is an indica par excellence, and consumers are consistently satisfied by the relentless high. This strain is worth a try simply due to its status as a historic medicinal strain. Its genetics date back to a university laboratory in the 1970s, and OG Chemo has gone on to help countless people with a variety of symptoms ever since. In so many words, this is a strain for cancer patients . . . It’s heavy stuff.


Some cannabis strains have a reputation that has nearly outgrown the bud itself, and Sour Diesel could definitely be counted among them. Sour Diesel, however, generally lives up to the hype. This is an invigorating sativa that many patients have found to be highly effective in treating pain, stress and depression. The high has been described paradoxically as both “energizing” and “dreamy,” and everyone agrees that it is a great buzz with heaps of good vibes.

Why you’ve got to try it: You will have guessed that this strain smells like diesel, but you may be surprised to hear that that nose translates into what many connoisseurs consider to be the best taste of any bud, period. Try for yourself, and see what the hype is about.


If you’ve been to one of Amsterdam’s famous cafés, chances are you’ve come across White Widow. This legendary strain has been stealing awards since the mid-90s, and she has lost nothing with age. White Widow is arguably the most perfectly-balanced hybrid on the market, and provides the surge of creativity and euphoria that you would expect from a sativa, as well as all the goodness that comes with indica. White Widow has both a sativa-dominant and indica-dominant phenotype, so she’s ready for just about anything.

Why you’ve got to try it: It takes just one look at a bud of White Widow to understand her popularity. That name didn’t come from nowhere—White Widow buds are characteristically coated with trichomes and crystal resin. This not only gives her a distinct, pretty appearance, but it also suggests the power packed into each bud.


Pineapple Express is one of the more versatile cannabis strains out there. A cross of Trainwreck and Hawaiian, Pineapple Express is a hybrid great for both day and nighttime use. When it needs to, this strain can provide an energetic high that’s perfect for exploration or creation, while also relaxing as well as any indica. As the name suggests, Pineapple Express sports a fruity nose and flavour that has been likened to apple, mango, or pineapple.

Why you’ve got to try it: With its great effects and even better aroma, Pineapple Express is a strain so great that Hollywood made a movie about it.


Blue Coma is only the latest achievement of a British Columbian legend, the Hippy, who we’re proud to call one of our exclusive growers. The Hippy has produced this world-class strain with decades of experience and expertise, and boy does it show. Blue Coma is not named lightly—it will knock you flat with its soothing, coma-like effects. Throw in beautiful colouring and an imminently inviting nose, and it looks very much like we’ve got a classic on our hands.

Why you’ve got to try it: This is a modern Canadian classic—get it while it’s hot!

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