How Cannabis Fights the Common Cold and Other Infections

How Cannabis Fights the Common Cold and Other Infections

The weed industry is dynamic and becoming increasingly well understood. With even our pets on pot these days, you are likely already very aware of the many ailments and conditions which cannabis can treat in one form or another. Typically, we think of these as related to chronic conditions such as arthritis and other pain related ailments. In actual fact, with much research still being conducted, there is increasing evidence to support the theory that cannabis elements can be effective in the treatment of more general infections. This even extends to the common cold and flu.

This may be fantastic news for weed enthusiasts who have picked up a cold or viral infection. In the past, they may have felt the need to abstain from cannabis for that period. Little did they know that cannabis may actual help them fight symptoms of the infection. Here we will outline the basic principles behind what makes cannabis an effective deterrent against common infections such as flu.

Understanding the Common Cold, Flu, and Other Infections

The key to understanding how cannabis can have a positive impact on the cold, flue, and other infections is by first gaining an understanding of what causes these infections and what they do to the body. Almost all of us have suffered from the common cold at some point or another in our lives, if not on an annual basis. The cause of this is one of the many strains of virus. These can number well into the hundreds.

When the cold virus enters your body through whichever method, it effectively mounts an attack on your body’s immune system, targeting predominantly the nose and throat. What many people do not know is that it is our body’s reaction to this in fighting these attacks which ultimately causes the symptoms we experience when we have a cold or flu. This is what can keep us laid up and off work for days, and even continue to linger on for weeks in the dark days of winter.

These areas ultimately become inflamed when our bodies try to fight off the infection. In many cases, these infections can also progress to the lungs which cause even more congestion and coughing. With so many strains of the virus out there, it also becomes almost impossible to vaccinate against all variants, with only the majorly common strains of the virus covered. This explains why, even when you have received a flu vaccination you can still contract the virus through other sources. Ultimately, this prevalence is what makes the role of cannabis even more vital in combatting these viral infections.

How Cannabis Can Help Beat the Flu

By this point, you may still be wondering how cannabis may be effective against your runny nose, or any other kind of infection for that matter. Extensive research is still being conducted, and much of this shows that cannabis can have a positive impact on viral infections. A large portion of this positive impact can be correlated to the ability of cannabis to reduce inflammation. These anti-inflammatory properties really help when it comes to treating viral infections such as the common cold and flu.

Inflammation is the driver behind what makes us feel so bad when we do have a cold. This is caused by our body’s attempts to rid itself of infection, and therefore results in the major symptoms and discomfort we feel during these periods. While we cannot be precisely sure of the direct impact of cannabinoids on infection, we can be sure of the properties they possess. Various cannabinoids in our favorite plants have been proven to be effective for the anti-inflammatory purpose. This includes both THC and CBD.  This will essentially provide relief from symptoms such as our sore throats and aching limbs as we suffer from flu. Ultimately though, this is a required response from our body when fighting infection.

On that point, in chronic conditions, cannabis has been known to suppress the immune systems of sufferers which leads to the anti-inflammatory response. Naturally, during infection, we need our immune systems to be active and strengthened in the fight against the virus. Evidence has also shown that cannabis can be highly adaptable in this regard.

Research has pointed to the cases of HIV/AIDS patients who have shown positive improvements through the use of cannabis in treatment. It has been displayed that, in these cases, the immune systems of the patients have in fact been bolstered through a higher T-Cell count. This may indicate that cannabinoids do possess the ability to be adaptive in situations such as viral infections like the cold or flu providing a much-needed boost to our immune systems which can help fight off the infections.

Consuming Cannabis When you have a Cold

As you may have correctly guessed, smoking cannabis is not the ideal method of choice when you are suffering from a viral infection such as the cold or flu. This could actually increase irritation in areas which are already sensitive and inflamed within your throat. Luckily, there are many other methods available to you when suffering.

Edibles is one excellent way in which you can be sure to get the most effective results. These are easy to consume and should not be at all difficult with your symptoms. With the availability of CBD oil and THC nowadays, there are any number of ways in which you can conveniently access a more effective dose of the cannabinoid you wish to try. Just a few drops and you are ready to begin feeling some impact, depending upon the strength of the strain. There have even been news of some lozenge type edibles containing quantities of CBD and THC which would be perfect for those suffering from the cold or flu.

Anyone who has suffered particularly from colds or flu also knows the benefits of the old fashion hot lemon tea cure, passed down through generations of grandparents and parents alike, For an even more effective modern-day twist on this old solution, why not try boiling up some cannabis flower in your favorite strain alongside your hot drink. This infused sensation should perform all of the traditional functions of a hot, steamy drink, along with the added benefit of getting the cannabis straight to work on fighting that viral infection.

The bottom line in terms of consumption is, the easier it goes down, the better. This is true even if only for the reason that you are sick and not feeling full of energy to make extensive preparations.

Other Diseases Treated by Cannabis

Beyond the treatment of the common cold, the use of cannabinoids in the medical field is no widely credited and continuing to become more and more accepted around the world. This is far from being a new development, the actual fact is that cannabis has been used for centuries to treat medical issues. The history of cannabis within the medical arena is well known.

In modern medicine, we most commonly associate cannabis with conditions which cause chronic pain such as arthritis. We should not forget that the use of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids is not just limited to this area. As mentioned, HIV/AIDS patients have realized great benefits form the introduction of cannabis to their treatments. This is true for a range of other conditions.

Sufferers of MS have noted that cannabis has reduced spasticity usually associated with the condition. This could also be due to decreasing pressure around the joints in a similar fashion to arthritis. Disease treatment even stretches as far as cancer sufferers, and while nobody would go so far as to say that cannabis cures cancer, patients have certainly reported increased appetites, easing their battle against weight loss, and also a positive impact on feelings of nausea. Both THC and CBD are known to help in stimulating appetite.

Cannabis has also played a positive role in the lives of many with epilepsy. Reports show that it has helped to reduce the instance of seizures in many.

These and several others are fast becoming conditions for which medical marijuana and CBD based medications are increasingly popular. Much like treatment for the common cold or flu, more research is constantly being performed, but these can make an ideal addition to your existing medical treatments.

Final Thoughts

In terms of fighting the common cold and flu, it is quite clear that the introduction of cannabis to your treatment will more than likely have a positive impact in the correct doses. This is backed up by data, and our own logic. In most cases, easing of inflammation will create a situation where you feel more comfortable and improving. Although it may be too early to say if cannabis can have an impact strong enough to directly cure infection by itself, it can certainly assist our bodies in the right direction toward making a recovery. This is something which history also supports.

With that in mind, if you are currently using cannabinoids to fight your own infections, carry on the good work and ensure you are using only the best quality products throughout your recovery process.

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