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What Is Microdosing Cannabis and Why Is It Becoming Popular?

Benefits Of Microdosing Cannabis

Microdosing Cannabis: Cannabis, today, is viewed a lot differently than it was twenty years ago. In the late 90s and early 00s, there was a resurgence of medical interest in cannabis and the possible health benefits of consuming the psychoactive. CBD, a non-psychoactive compound combined with THC, a psychological chemical, received a lot of attention […]

Recipe Guide: How to make Cannabis-Infused Barbecue Sauce

How to make Cannabis-Infused Barbecue Sauce

Spring time is just around the corner and it’s time to fire up your grill! Time to plan that amazing BBQ this weekend at home and kick it up a bit!  One of the easiest ways to tackle that weekend hunger is to fire up the grill and get some barbecuing done! Coating your grillables […]

A Guide to Vape Pens: How to Use, Load and Why They Are Essential

A Guide to Vape Pens

Vape pens have now become all the rage for many cannabis consumers, including both medical and recreational users. Pens are portable and very easy to use. You might wonder why people vape with pens, or how they operate. In this article, we’ll be providing you with a guide to vape pens; how to use, load […]

7 Effective Ways Cannabis Can Help Your Relationship

There are several things people in a relationship might share and now cannabis has become one of them! Couples could choose to share a joint or decide to vape together instead of a meal, beer or wine. Just like alcohol, cannabis might be useful in dating and relationships, and could enhance the entire experience while […]

5 Amazing Ways To Determine The Differences Between Male vs. Female Cannabis Plants

The Differences Between Male vs. Female Cannabis Plants

Are you planning to cultivate your cannabis for the first time, but you are not sure whether they are male or female? Have no worries, this article will put you through 5 easy ways to determine the differences between male vs. female cannabis plants. Reproduction in plants can take place in several ways. Being well […]

How Cannabis Can Protect Your Liver From Alcohol Damage

How Cannabis Can Protect Your Liver From Alcohol Damage

The outstanding contribution of cannabis to the medical world is highly commendable thanks to the continuous works of research by scientists towards harnessing the full potential of the cannabis plant. The adequate usage of top-notch technology and innovation to produce cannabis-related products that can treat various diseases for the benefit of humans, is a feel-good […]