Your Favorite Top Celebrities Who Enjoy Smoking Weed

top celebrities who enjoy smoking weed

In the age of weed legalization and social media, we are gaining more and more insight into the lives of our favorite celebrities. This view has led many of us to realize that, besides the fame and fortune, our lives are not altogether very different from those we admire on stage and screen, or indeed the business world.

They also like to get high, and have done so for generations. This has always been something of an open secret, which in recent years has become easier to disclose and promote (unless you are Elon Musk). Here we chart a few of your favorites who are well-known weed enthusiasts.

Snoop Dogg

When it comes to the world of music, it is said that not many come close to Snoop Dogg in terms of being a prolific smoker. Weed has been and continues to be synonymous with Snoop throughout his career. The same can be said for many in the industry, and within his inner circle, although he represents the stand out example.

Many of his live performances will see him smoke on stage, and there are countless videos circulating of him doing just that. Snoop consistently advocates marijuana through his lyrics too. “Smoke Weed Every Day” and countless others are clearly promoting the high life.

This is something that he also carries into his own personal life. Known as a determined smoker, he will blaze up basically anytime, anywhere. This caused him some recent infamy with the decision to smoke at the front of the White House, accompanied by some choice words for the man in the Oval Office.

He is also getting in deep on the business side, with his own brand, Leafs by Snoop. This has recently caused a trademark dispute with the Toronto Maple Leafs, but let’s hope they can work it out as there is no better thing for helping the industry to grow than celebrity endorsement, and Snoop is one of its top ambassadors.

Mike Tyson

Into the world of sports and another, better known for his trademark uppercuts and menacing prowess in the ring, Iron Mike has recently established himself in the weed industry. It is well known that much of Tyson’s early misspent youth involved getting into the mix with a lot of local dealers. These unsavory sorts would often find themselves victim to a Tyson and co. shakedown.

Having gone on to transform his life, and conquer the world of boxing, Tyson no returns to his cannabis roots. He has established the Tyson Ranch, in collaboration with other business backers. Here he wants to build his weed empire, growing and retailing all kinds of products, and establish a premium cannabis resort on the 40-acre site.

This is a new venture for Tyson, but his love of weed has always been well known. The concept too can be tied with a vast increase in cannabis tourism. Springing up in Canada and all over the world, are similar resort-style locations where avid or casual smokers can retreat for the best quality weed experiences and surroundings. Here they will find not only top quality marijuana products but also plenty of associated activities to keep them entertained. As cannabis makes its way increasingly into the mainstream, such resorts are expected to continue surging in popularity. Another knockout success for Tyson in the weed business.

Joe Rogan

The podcast king is definitely also no stranger to rolling up whenever he feels like it. This is certainly helped by weed legalization in California where the show is based, and Rogan is always extremely outspoken in his views of support for the industry, and the benefits of legalization and medical use. Moving forward with the likes of Rogan and his positive outlook on the industry will hopefully result in more of the same attitude from other mainstream media sources, many of whom often shy away from the issues and benefits around marijuana in healthcare and general legalization.

Causing a stir with Elon Musk recently, when the Tesla CEO seen the stock price of his firm drop dramatically from one half-hearted toke, has done nothing to dampen Rogan’s enthusiasm. All manner of weed-related topics are frequently discussed on the show, with almost every guest routinely offered weed and the opportunity to smoke together during their visit.

It is a testament to his strong personality and also the changing social tide, that Rogan can perform his role as a top podcast host, alongside other weed enthusiasts such as Mike Tyson, and still exact some top-quality interviews. This is very positive from a marijuana industry perspective. To have someone with the regular social platform and outreach which he possesses, be a strong advocate for weed, legalization, and the industry in general ultimately achieves nothing but positive results for others.

Jennifer Lawrence

Far from being sexist, there are also many of our favorite female stars who participate in enjoying their weed. While not being quite as vocal or obvious as many of the previously mentioned male smokers, there is still a strong contingent who do not shy away from publicly acknowledging they enjoy smoking weed.

This includes Jennifer Lawrence. The blockbuster star is generally outspoken on many issues and retains a lively, exuberant personality in general. This does not quite extend fully to her times as a weed smoker, although she does openly admit taking bong hits before the Oscars on one particular occasion.

She has never been renowned as the shy and retiring type, and Lawrence has found herself in one or two other hilarious high moments, particularly after smoking a potent strain with some rappers. The important thing though, from a community perspective is that she is never shy to discuss the situations. As with all celebrities who publicly endorse smoking weed, this always presents an opportunity to further empower the smoking community and increase the integration of marijuana within everyday life through popular culture. If one of Hollywood’s top A-List female stars can get high, then so can you!

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi may be a surprise on the list, but the View star has long been a proponent of cannabis use in the medical sector. She is also quoted as having indulged on a personal basis too. Where Goldberg has drawn most attention though is through her views on the benefits of medical marijuana use. She is a firm supporter that it can be of vital help in this area. She has particularly focused on the specific use of medical marijuana to treat menstrual cramps in women. The fact that she is also in the business providing products which she believes helpful, is a testament to her, but also the industry in general. Her company is operating in both California and Colorado, and have been since being founded in 2016.

There are a variety of CBD oils and a range of other products which have been proven effective against a number of chronic medical conditions. The fact that she and other celebrities have taken to highlighting these positive impacts can only be of equal benefit to the industry.

Willie Nelson

Last on the list but a true celebrity legend when it comes to weed nonetheless, country star Willie Nelson is an extremely well-known supporter of smoking and has been for almost all of his years in the business. As far as celebrity smoking circles go, Nelson is royalty. There is a well-recanted story of how he continues to be the only celebrity ever to out smoke Snoop Dogg. This was admitted by Snoop himself, and given that he also features on the list, that is quite the achievement. He is something of a paradox on the list, given that many of his generation would hold some firmly opposite views. This is liberalizing in itself, however, and can hopefully be a point which will sway many others in the same direction.

The star, having consistently promoted the use of cannabis for both pleasure and medicinal purposes, is also active in the business end of the industry. His brand, Willies Reserve, was rumored to be in discussions to enter the Canadian market in a licensing deal backed by the multi-million dollar, Colorado-based LivWell International Company, which would provide Canadian distribution rights to Nelson’s brand. This and his unwavering support of the industry, put the now 85 year old Nelson firmly into the marijuana hall of fame when it comes to celebrity.

Final Thoughts

This listing could have features hundreds of names, these are just a few of the outspoken voices from the world of a celebrity who promote, endorse, and engage in recreational marijuana use. If anything, this helps us realize that everyone is living the same life and enjoys the same simple pleasures. That could be drinking, smoking, or trying your favorite wine and weed combination. Whatever it may be, the message is clearly to live free and enjoy the current era of a continually more open approach to your favorite plants.

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