Cannabis For Summer: 5 Ways Cannabis Can Make Your Summer More Enjoyable

5 Ways Cannabis Can Make Your Summer More Enjoyable

This summer may not be exactly as we planned it, with most of us on lockdown and observing some form of social distancing, this summer certainly seems like it will bring a slightly different feel. With that said, though we may be missing many things, you do not need to miss your favorite products. As long as you try to follow some of the proven ways cannabis users can stay safe around coronavirus, then you should still be able to get high and have a lot of fun this summer.

With those things in mind, there are loads of fun things you can still enjoy from the comfort of your own home this summer, with your favorite strains by your side. Here are just a few ideas of how cannabis can make this summer, and this time at home, the best for you.

Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows

Tiger King is all the rage at the moment. It seems like the show everyone is talking about, much centered on the mad cap antics of Joe Exotic and his crew of colorful zookeepers. If you have not seen it yet, then it is certainly one to keep you entertained, whether or not you like big cats.

Now, the stars of this show have undoubtedly enjoyed their fair share of cannabis and probably much more, so what better way than to kick back and watch all the action unfold than with some of your own favorite cannabis strains to hand.

This is one way to get the summer started, and it may just put you one small step closer to some of the on-screen personas in that particular series.

Have a Cannabis Video Call

Time to get high with your friends may seem like a distant memory at this point. In person, that may be true for now. The wonders of technology during this period though, have been utilized everywhere. This means that it is now easier than ever to be in the company of your friends without being in the same place. So, why not enjoy your cannabis together. Almost all of the top video calling platforms are available free, and also allow screen sharing, so as well as being right there on video, you could also watch a movie, TV show, or just catch up together, all whilst getting high in the comfort of your own home.

Everybody in every group also has at least one friend that is always promising to show up but bails at the last moment. With a video high session, this can make sure that the time and place are not an issue for anyone. So, you should be able to get even the most difficult to reach friends together this summer for a video high.
Make Your Own Edibles

This is another great idea if you are stuck at home for the summer. We have previously written about how to make your own cannabis butter, but there are countless recipes out there that you can try. Most are quite simple and easy to make in just a few steps, and beyond our recipes, there are so many resources available for you to make all manner of delicious foods, drinks, and other recipes.

You typically need nothing more than some basic kitchen equipment and an oven to get started. With this, you can even kill two birds with one stone this summer. You can improve your cooking skills, enjoy your favorite weed products, and have a very enjoyable summer pastime. If you have a house or roommates who also enjoy getting high, then why not involve them and see what creations you can come up with.

Go Camping

This one may be a bit or a stretch depending on the quarantine situation in your area. With that in mind, we would absolutely encourage all people to abide by any of the restrictions that are in place. For some that may be lucky enough to have a decent sized yard or garden that is private, why not try a summers night camping.

This can bring back great memories of younger days, and also make sure you get a change of environment from being stuck indoors at home. While you are doing your home style camping, it is also the ideal time to enjoy your favorite strain. This can help take you away to a relaxing, or very exciting place with your mind far from your back yard, but your body completely obeying the social distancing regulations.

While you are there, it may be the perfect time to watch the stars, or admire nature passing by undisturbed by human traffic depending on where you live.

Chill Out With Some of Your Favorite Music

Now this is an activity we all like to enjoy at every time of the year, but particularly in the current environment, what better time than now to kick back and relax with your favorite music collection.

The enjoyment of listening to this will almost certainly be enhanced if you have one of your favorite strains of Buzzed Diamonds loaded up in your device. Time to blend yourself into the music and really go deep in understanding some of the thought processes that may have been going through the minds of your favorite artists when they wrote their best work. For this, a strain that is not too heavy, but will help you to zone out just a little while remaining calm in your mind would be perfect.

You never know, once you have listened again high, you may come up with your own creative notes on it.

Engage in a Creative Task or Chore

Some people of course think that productivity is reduced when we get high. The truth here is that is all related to the strain. If you enjoy a strain with uplifting, energetic characteristics, then of course this summer could be the perfect time for you to get things done. This kind of strain would be perfect if you have some cleaning or other tasks to finish, with many giving you the boost needed to finish those tasks in double-quick time.

Other strains may have more creative notes that can bring you down to a more relaxed level of understanding and really unlock your creative ability. If this is the kind of strain you enjoy, then you will definitely be at your most creative during this summer period no matter the project.

Final Thoughts

The situation in the past couple of months, and looking ahead to the summer may certainly not be ideal in terms of getting out and about. One thing is still sure, though, as long as you have your favorite products in hand, there is plenty you can still achieve and enjoy this summer. From socializing, getting active, enjoying nature, being productive, and creative, there should be no need for you to worry about having anything less than a top class summer with cannabis at your side.

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