5 Fun Ways to Workout with Weed this Summer

Workout with Weed

It’s officially summer, and that means it’s time to get outside, get active, and soak up the sun! With the nice weather in full swing, it is easier than ever to get moving. Whether it be in the form of an online class or a long hike in the woods, summer is made for moving! And there’s nothing quite like that natural-high-feeling that you get post-workout.

So, what if we told you that you could amplify that feeling? Not only can you get a long-lasting buzz, but you can also do it in a way that is both all-natural and perfectly matched to your chosen activity. That’d make your workouts much more enjoyable, right? Let’s chat about how we can do this!

Weed & Workouts

Maybe you’re only a social toker, or perhaps you just like a little morning puff to get you through your day. Maybe you only prefer edibles every once in a while, or topicals when your body is aching. Or, maybe you frequently enjoy one of the many forms of cannabis that is now so easily accessible.

Whatever your preferred form of enjoying cannabis, there’s a fun activity to try that will perfectly match your style this summer. Whether you love to exercise, or you truly hate it, adding weed to your workout is likely to boost your enjoyment.

Selecting a Product

Depending on your strain preference, and how you like to consume your cannabis, selecting a product type is a very personal choice. There are, however, some advantages to tailoring your choice of product to match your preferred activity.

For example, taking a heavy dose of edibles and running a marathon might not be the best idea; you are likely to feel sluggish and unable to sustain long-range running. However, with the right product pairing, any activity can be enjoyable, and even enhanced, with a little weed. Dabs, Edibles, Vaping Pens, Smoke or Topicals – all great choices to use for this summer workout season!

Keep reading to find out our favourite workout-and-weed pairings!

Determining your Dosage

If you are a regular cannabis user, chances are you already have a good idea of your tolerance, dosages, and how different products impact how you feel. If you are new to weed, or if you are trying a new form of cannabis, the best advice is to start with a low dose (2-4mg THC or CBD) and increase slowly as you begin to feel and understand its effects.

It’s also a good idea to start low and slow when you are first incorporating weed into your workouts. The THC and CBD can impact how strongly you feel that coveted workout rush. It can also impact your ability to focus, your concentration, and your mind-and-body awareness. Once you are familiar with how each product will impact you individually, you can start increasing (or decreasing) your doses to match your desired effect.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of weed & workouts, let’s get into our five favourite summer pairings!

1: Microdosing and Yoga

Yoga is all about tuning into your body and connecting with your mind. With a focus on movement, breathing, meditation and relaxation, micro-edibles are the perfect pairing for most styles of yoga!

Microdosing will ensure that you don’t get that overwhelming, all-consuming, body-high that is typically associated with edibles. Taking a small dose (2-4mg) allows you to benefit from the positive effects of THC and CBD, while also allowing you to focus thoroughly on each pose and transition.

Benefits can include:

  • An increased focus on poses and salutations.
  • A deepening of the mind-body connection.
  • By ingesting a small amount, you avoid becoming too high or lethargic.
  • Holistic enjoyment of the stretching and strengthening that is associated with yoga.

2: Dabs and Strength Training

Dabs and shatter are typically associated with a strong flavour and an intense high. While this type of high may not be appropriate for all types of workouts, we absolutely love the focus and determination it gives us when strength training!

The immediate and hard-hitting effects of a dab make it the perfect partner for any daunting or repetitive exercise. With the added benefit of pain relief, many individuals will love how this form of weed helps enhance their workout.

3: Vape Pens and Hiking

‘Tis the season for hiking in the woods, and camping out in nature. Whether you are taking off on a multi-night adventure, or are just planning an afternoon hike around your local greenspace, portability is key for cannabis enjoyment! Plus, no fire to worry about. Vape pens are the perfect choice to avoid starting a forest fire!

Vape pens and concentrates provide the perfect solution for both portability, and discrete enjoyment of your weed while out and about in nature. Their discrete design, almost odourless output, and concentrated effects make it an easy and convenient way to enjoyment your high in the great outdoors.

4: Joints for At-Home Workouts

With the effects of the global pandemic still being felt, online and at-home fitness classes are more popular than ever. While you may be missing that in-person hype, there is a clear benefit to taking classes in your own home: no rules about when and where you can toke!

Most cannabis connoisseurs will agree, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a freshly rolled joint. The slow burn, the feeling of dense smoke filling your lungs, and the stimulating effect of sharing the experience of a joint with your workout buddies is among the best feelings.

When working out at home, you can pause, skip, or self-pace your online class as needed, so there’s no issue if you want to take a mid-class toke break, or have to slow down if you end up getting a little too toasted. Just relax and enjoy the ease of moving your body freely.

5: Topicals to Heal Muscles Post-Workout

Even with the help of cannabis, chances are you may still experience a bit of post-workout soreness or exhaustion. The soothing anti-inflammatory effect of topicals, coupled with the restorative muscle relaxation that they induce, can be the perfect solution for your post-workout recovery.

Soothing your sore muscles, reducing cramps, and decreasing pain are among the top reasons to try cannabis creams or topicals after you exercise. Positive impacts such as improved recovery time, fewer muscle spasms, and targeted pain relief without side-effects are some of the more commonly reported outcomes of using cannabis topicals post-workout.

Making the Move: Trying Weed for your Workout

No matter your preference: whether you like to workout regularly in a traditional at-the-gym way, or you like to take your time with slow, at-home sessions, there’s a cannabis product that can help boost your workout. These simple pairings can help take your workout from a boring chore, to an easy summer fun activity.

Making the move to incorporate weed into your workout is an easy one! Simply select your preferred strain, product, and method of consuming, and pair it with your favourite activity based on the tips we provided above. If you are new to cannabis, or new to enjoying cannabis-products while working out, it is important to start with a low dose, and increase slowly. This way you can find the perfect balance for your body, and thoroughly enjoy your workout & weed experience!

Do you use Cannabis to work out? How have you had fun outside this summer? Leave a comment below!

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