Essential Accessories for Every Weed Smoker

Essential Accessories for Every Weed Smoker

So you have decided to purchase some top quality cannabis strains. This is an excellent idea. Before you get started enjoying weed in 2019 though, there are a few accessories for the weed smoker which will be key to your success. These are much-needed items which every self-respecting high roller needs to have. Not only will they make your experience more enjoyable, but they will also keep things practical and easy to move around if you are on the go. Here are just a few of the most important items which you should consider purchasing even before you buy your first strains.


The first and most important tool in your arsenal will be a good quality grinder. This is how you will get the most out of your weed. If you do not have a good quality grinder or one at all, you will simply be losing a lot of your high. This is because grinding helps to increase the surface area of your weed. The end result is that you will not burn through it quite as fast.

The most important thing when choosing a grinder is consistency. There is a wide range of choices on the market for selecting yours, though it is absolutely worthwhile paying a little extra to get that sharp, consistent grind. You should also try to invest in one which has a kief catcher. This will ensure you don’t lose out on any of your potential high later on, completely maximizing the benefit you can get from your strain.

A final important note on your grinder is to make sure you give it a thorough clean out before grinding up new strains. The last thing you want are for the terpenes to be mixing together and muddling the taste and effects of your new strain. This could really reduce your levels of enjoyment.

Storage Container

This is another vital aspect of becoming a weed connoisseur. Nobody wants to smoke a moldy blunt. Your weed should be as precious and well-kept to you as any other food or drinks in your home. It is serving a medicinal purpose after all. You wouldn’t buy a top quality craft beer and then drink it warm now, would you?

For this reason, an airtight storage container is very important accessories for weed smoker. This will help to seal in the quality of your bud. The sealed mylar packaging is great for shipping and UV protection and can store cannabis properly for up to 2 months without needing anything fancy to maintain proper moisture since its heat sealed, but for home storage and regular opening something with a resealable lid is preferable. This will help to retain all of that dank freshness between highs. As well as sealing in quality, it also helps to seal in the fragrance of your weed too. This prevents the scents from escaping all over your home. This can be particularly beneficial if you are sharing a house with some non-smokers, or expecting guests.

Generally speaking, you should keep your containers stored in a cool, dry place. This should be out of direct sunlight, and in an area where humidity is low. Light is the enemy of the fresh bud!  Again, there is a huge array of containers to choose from. Some of these even allow for independent temperature and humidity control, although a simple Tupperware container will also be equally as effective in most cases.

Multi-Purpose Tools

In all walks of life, a good, versatile toolkit can come in handy. This could be in the form of a multi-purpose pocket knife or another type of multi-purpose tool. Whatever the shape and size of the tool itself, you should try to ensure it has a few key features which will make your weed experience much easier. These features should include a sharp pair of scissors or knife for cutting up your weed, spoons, scrapers, and any other tool which can lighten the load of utilizing your bud.

Your best bet when choosing a multi-purpose tool to assist with your high endeavors is to make sure you choose one with many tools. This should make sure that no matter what happens, you will be able to enjoy getting high in the most efficient way. There are any numbers of great multi-tools to choose from, and many have been designed specifically for use by fellow weed smokers. Added to this is the convenience which any multi-purpose tool can add to all aspects of your daily life.

Glass Pipe Cleaner

If you are stepping up your weed game and using a pipe, bong, or other types of accessories for weed smoking, the chances are, that smoking piece is made from glass. Unfortunately, this glassware also needs to be cleaned on occasion. This helps provide you with the best possible smoking experience. The most effective method to accomplish this cleaning mission is through the use of a glass pipe cleaning solution.

There are many of these solutions available beyond old-fashioned cleaning methods using rubbing alcohol. Most are highly effective and they should certainly be added to your collection of essential weed-smoking items if you have not already done so. When buying these you should, of course, check to make sure they are non-toxic, and also that they will not damage your glassware by being too abrasive.

A top-quality glass cleaner is one of the secrets to keeping your glassware in the best possible shape, as well as providing the sharpest, and cleanest high possible. This is very important when dealing with so many top-quality, niche strains in today’s market. These can be very nuanced, and the full potential is often only unlocked when they are enjoyed from some clean glassware.

Odor Proof Bag

As much as we love weed, we also know that the scent can be quite strong, particularly from some of the newer hybrid strains. This is something which you do not need to worry about. All you need is your simple odor-proof bag. No doubt many famous people who smoke weed have indulged in similar odor-proof bags which, thanks to legalization, are now being produced by many of the top names in fashion.

Again, there are multi-faceted benefits when it comes to your odor-proof bag. One is of course to keep the smell of your weed locked in the bag; the other is that these can be very useful carriers for your weed and all of your vital accessories for weed smoker. Growing legalization of cannabis around the world means this is an ever emerging market, and in many parts of North America, you no longer have to be so discreet as to how you package and carry your cannabis. This is perfect for those who love to accessorize. On the other hand, your odor proof bag can also function as a neat, home storage location which you can place away in your favorite stash spot when required.

Final Thoughts

No longer do you need to hide in the shadows if you enjoy getting high. This means the market, and range of awesome accessories for weed smokers is constantly growing. Picking up some of these essential items is not only becoming easier but also more enjoyable since you now have a greater ability to customize than ever before. With that said, before you purchase your next strain from Grass Chief, think about how you would like to store it, and many of the great accessories available to make your life much easier, and your high last even longer.

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