A Guide to Vape Pens: How to Use, Load and Why They Are Essential

A Guide to Vape Pens

Vape pens have now become all the rage for many cannabis consumers, including both medical and recreational users. Pens are portable and very easy to use. You might wonder why people vape with pens, or how they operate. In this article, we’ll be providing you with a guide to vape pens; how to use, load and more!

A vaporizer or vape pen is an electrical device that is used to heat your materials without burning. These could range from vaping herbs, oils or wax. The different materials means the vape pens are different in terms of structure. Usually they are made up of 3 components, the tank for holding the material, the rechargeable battery and the mouthpiece. The device can switch on after pushing a button which powers up the battery and generates the vapor for you to inhale through the mouthpiece. Sometimes these pens are without a power button and meant to just inhale. Vape pens can be used over time, though some parts may need to be replaced depending on what type of unit you’re using.

Types of Vape Pens

There are three main types of pens, defined by the material they are intended to vape. They are:

Oil Pen– This vaporizer is used to inhale oil-related substances such as Distillate, CO2 or other blended cannabis oils. Sometimes this pen can also be used to inhale e-cig liquids that contain different flavors or nicotine, referred to as an e-cig. Some pens are disposable and meant to toss out once the chamber is empty. Other pens are rechargeable and can go for a few hours between charges. These pens all vary in temperature control and will use more battery power the stronger they are. You can purchase prefilled cartridges that screen onto the battery or load your own cartridges with your preferred oil. 

Wax Pen– This pen is used to vape wax, shatter, budder or oils with thick consistency. Most often these pens are rechargeable and will need enough power to vaporize the wax products efficiently. You can load your preferred material into the chambers and vape until gone. Pens that heat up too much do not vaporize properly and the materials can give a burnt taste. 

Herb Pen– The dry herb vape pen is meant for cannabis flower. This is how vaping started as people were making home-style vaporizers at home. Time and innovation has led us here where you can vape organic materials easily on the go, and without attention. Dry Herb Vapes are preferred by those who are not into solvents, just that natural cannabis flower. The material heats in the chamber and turns a deep brown once vaporized. Toss the brown, vaped material once finished.

Having known the various types of vaporizer available and purchasing the one you want; you can take the following steps to make effective use of it.

  • More about Charging

As most vape pens come with batteries that need to be charged before use, you need to charge it after purchasing. These vape pens typically come with chargers provided by the manufacturer, all you need to do is plug it into a power source, attach to the pen and charge for a few hours. You might need to be patient for the first time for the vape pen to be fully charged before making use of it.

To ensure a longer life for the battery of your pen, you should make use of the recommended charger as using any other type of charger might risk the life of the battery.

  • Instructions Matter

Do not ignore the instruction manual if one comes with a product. Try to read the entire contents of the manual. You can look out for information regarding the use and care of the vape pen, or frequency of replacing the parts of the pen among others. Take time to learn the details of your pen, how long it takes to charge, what temperature it operates at and when it is time to clean. 

  • Dry Run

After charging the battery of the vape pen, you should assemble it according to the instruction manual and turn it on.  Run for a bit before loading it with any substance. This will ensure that any chemicals or residues remaining in the device after manufacturing will be eliminated to prevent the case of smells or particles lingering on your vape.  Do this to ensure a top-notch vape.

  • Loading

One of the important reasons you might want to read the instruction manual is to learn how to load the vaporizer pen with the material needed. For an herb vaporizer, you probably have to grind the herbs unless otherwise stated in the manufacturer’s manual and load it into its chamber. For the wax vaporizer, it typically requires you loading into the heating element with the material, while the oil vaporizer requires you pouring it into a tank.

  • Using

After putting material into the pen, you can now draw from your vaporizer. Breathing  it in either by putting the mouthpiece to your mouth directly, or pushing a button on the pen. You then take in some air, hold it for some minutes in your lungs then expel it. Some pens come with the buttons while others do not, and are often referred to as auto draw. Those that have buttons afford you control intensity and temperature.  (Instruction manuals should give you the required information regarding this.)

  • Timing

If you’re using a vape pen, you should take your time and savour each draw. Not only to enjoy the experience, but to slowly take it in and not get overwhelmed. This will allow the effects to slowly kick in before going back for more draws.

You should also keep in mind that the device is fragile and you may  need to buy accessories to help you make an effective use of the device. This means you may need extra cartridges, scoops, wax mats, chambers and storage containers in addition to the device itself. You should also avoid loading up your cartridges with your fingers but rather use a dab tool or get the prefilled cartridges. Vaporizer pens are generally more efficient and discreet as it is smoke-free and there is less odor being emitted. 

Now that you have a complete guide to vape pens: how to use, load and why they are essential, you can make the best use out of them.

What do you think of vape pens, are you a user? If not, will you be getting one anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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