The Best Cannabis Strains for a Lasting Body High

The Best Cannabis Strains for a Lasting Body High

Regardless if you are a new or experienced user, you ultimately want to make sure the cannabis strains you buy are both best suited to your desires, and the best quality you can get on the market. Making a selection is never easy today. There are so many strains available, with more being added on a daily basis, that you may need some help in finding the perfect match for you.

Here is our comprehensive guide to four of the most popular, top quality best cannabis strains which will keep you locked in your chair while experiencing some of the most intense and long-lasting highs thanks to their quality and THC content.

Ghost Bubba

The Ghost Bubba is an Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain. This strain comes about as a result of a cross between Bubba Kush and Ghost OG strains. Anyone who likes either of the strains in the lineage of the Ghost Bubba strain, should be very highly positive about the most recent incarnation. This strain also produces an extra intensive high when compared with some others before it. The THC content within the Ghost Bubba strain shows between 15% – 23%. This makes it a quite potent strain which should be noted prior to consumption.

The Ghost Bubba strain is around 80% indica to 20% sativa and this produces a high which may leave many feeling slightly hazy. This strain is known to create a full body buzz. This gradual buzz which overtakes your body through the couch-lock, is known to provide a sense of insatiable energy even through the stillness which it has created. Many users have reported a sense of excitement and euphoria combined with an intense focus. This is prevalent even through the sedation which has taken hold and rendered you devoid of any meaningful movement. Ghost Bubba is ideal for getting into a creative zone of quiet energy.

The elevated THC levels of Ghost Bubba make it ideal in the treatment of patients with chronic pain conditions and the relief of stress. It has an earth and spicy scent which overall leaves users feeling both focused and calm when used at the correct levels. It can produce a sense of creative euphoria and is also excellent in overcoming cases involving a lack of appetite. With such a strong all-round impact, there is little surprise that this hybrid has become one of the most popular choices on the market for its well-rounded attributes.

Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush is a classic 100% Indica strain which is well-known among many users for its high THC content and all-round body high. This strain is native to Pakistan and Afghanistan and produces an earthy, sweet aroma and taste which reverberates as classic with users around the world. The Hindu Kush strain has a THC content of between 22% and 32%, this makes it on the strong side, and this power can be seen through the subtle onset high which will leave you locked in for long periods once it has completely take hold of your body.

As with many 100% indica strains, the Hindu Kush should relax you from head to toe as it slowly envelopes your entire body. The early euphoria you feel will continue for a time, before giving way to a peaceful and relaxing sleepy high. From the outset, you will really feel this strong strain in a positive and creative way. This will leave your mind full of ideas and excitement as it races through the early stages of the strain. Giving way to a very relaxed, couch-locked state which will set you free of all anxiety is the hallmark of Hindu Kush.

The properties of this old word strain, which it has retained in both taste and impact, make it ideal for assisting with chronic pain issues. Regular users report huge levels of relief and much lessened levels of anxiety when using Hindu Kush thanks to the elevated levels of THC. The floral aroma which it produces is quite strong and this, combined with the excellent relaxation effects, make it the ideal solution for insomnia too. It worked to promote a Zen like state in all aspects. This in turn, has a very calming and positive impact on more anxious or sleep deprived users.

Platinum Gorilla Glue #4

Platinum Gorilla Glue #4 is a highly pungent, Indica dominant strain which is primarily grown indoors thanks to the very strong smell which it emits. This should not serve to put you off however, as the 25%-28% THC loaded strain produces an amazing all body high accompanied by a feeling of euphoria which leaves many users wanting more. Some extensive genetics have also gone in to breeding this strain. It has been crossed with Sour Diesel, Sour Dubb, Chem’s Sister, and Chocolate Diesel. This has produced a strain which many love, but which also divides opinion due to its strong couch-locking impact, and diesel like aroma.

The strain is dominated by Indica sativa 60% to 40% and produces a full body high, which for many inexperienced users, can take effect almost immediately. This sometimes leads to a strong euphoric feeling and a very high-energy buzz which may not suit everyone. Over a prolonged period though, this strong strain tends to even out to a more chill and mellow high which will leave you pinned to your chair for an extensive period. The terpenes are strong at work with what many describe as an outdated chocolate or coffee taste to intrigue the mind.

Regular users who learn to adapt to this strong strain and can withstand the very strong aroma, often recommend it for use in treating anxiety or depression. The relaxing impact combined with the mild onset euphoria can also make this an ideal relaxing strain for the sleep deprived after their body has become accustomed to the Platinum Gorilla Glue #4. This strain also provides quite a good sedative effect for those with long term pain conditions, seizures or very sharp, localized pain such as felt from a slipped disk. Overall, users can expect a mild uplifting, followed by an extended period of calm relaxation.

Pineapple Express

The Pineapple Express sativa is one of the best known of any strain, and became a household name some years ago after the movie of the same name. It has been around for much longer however and was still a very popular strain even prior to becoming the household name that it is today. The high which you get from Pineapple Express and its average of 24% THC content is a very happy and creative one. It won’t quite send you off the rails as in the movie, but it will be great for you energy levels and all-round productivity.

The whole body buzz is one which does not leave you dazed and confused, instead, combined with a mild euphoria, it give you a much more intense focus and motivation to go about your day in the most efficient manner. As the name would suggest, it carries a strong, exotic fruit smell which should fill the air with delightful pineapple and mango. A world away from some of the harsher smelling strains, this cross of trainwreck and Hawaiian will leave you and those around you in a positive mood for more.

The calming and uplifting properties of Pineapple Express make it the ideal strain for those suffering from anxiety of depression. This should really improve both the drive and focus of the perennial procrastinator in getting things done also. As it also has minor sedative properties, it can also be useful to combat lower levels of pain and mid insomnia. Overall, it is a very well-balanced strain which is no surprise considering the heights of popularity it has scaled for beyond the past decade in smoking circles. It is also long-lasting enough that it will certainly see you through from lunch until the end of the day.

Final Thoughts

As we can see from the review of some of the most popular new and well-known best cannabis strains available, there is no shortage of options when it comes to making sure that your next high is among the best you have ever experienced. Knowing you product is of key importance to ensuring you have the best experience possible. There is no better place to get to know more about the industry, and learn about some of the best Cannabis strains and more, than here with the Grass Chief.

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