CBD Treatment and Autism: 5 Things Parents Need to Know

CBD Treatment and Autism

Cannabis is known for its soothing and healing ability. It contains many active chemical compounds that include flavonoids, terpenoids and cannabinoids that have been used to treat various kinds of diseases and illnesses for years.

The most popular and extensively studied cannabinoids available are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Evidence shows that CBD is instrumental in helping to improve behaviour and relieve explicit symptoms in adults and children living with autism.

What is CBD? Can CBD treat autism in children? What do parents need to know about CBD treatment and autism? All this and more will be talked about. Read on!

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD, is one of the most abundant cannabinoids (chemical compounds) found in cannabis. It is not psychoactive and it is the 2nd most prevalent among all the active components of the cannabis plant. Different studies have shown that CBD offers symptomatic relief to children that suffer from some special conditions. According to research, conditions such as autism, epilepsy, pain management, cerebral palsy and ADHD can all be managed by CBD. Because of the numerous benefits it offers, CBD products are becoming a popular treatment option for several health conditions.

A Closer Look At Autism

Autism is a neuro-behavioural disorder that is associated with speech difficulty and social language disability. It has numerous symptoms and the seriousness of these symptoms varies. Children with autism are known to display unique behaviours and can struggle with human interactions. The cause of autism has not been discovered yet and a cure doesn’t exist, but different methods have been adopted to lessen the severity of symptoms. CBD is one of the newest treatment options to alleviate and help cope with symptoms that come with autism.

Can CBD treat autism?

The usage of CBD in treating autism is gaining momentum every day. In research done among autism patients, it was discovered that the use of cannabis for treatment can be quite beneficial. It was found that CBD is an effective and safe option to relieve autistic symptoms like restlessness, tics, rage attacks, seizures and depression. It was also reported that 80% of children that used CBD as a treatment for autism achieved some level of improvement. Children with autism were able to perform daily activities like bathing and dressing after receiving treatment through CBD. Some parents also reported that after using CBD, their kids showed considerable improvement. Symptoms of autism like hyperactivity, aggression, impulsivity, sleeping difficulty and short attention span were greatly lessened. Symptoms of autism can cause sleepless nights for parents and children alike, and can be very overwhelming. But CBD has proven to help families gain some stability and peace.

With all the encouraging findings on CBD treatment for autism and the low risk involved, it won’t be a bad idea if parents decide to try using it with a child living with autism. But before using CBD to treat your child, always consult a trusted medical professional. Here are 5 things every parent needs to know about CBD treatment and autism.

  1. CBD and THC differs
    There is a huge difference between CBD and THC. THC is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis and can deliver a “high” when smoked or ingested. CBD can be harvested from Hemp plants, and does not have the same psychoactivity as THC. CBD is proven effective in the treatment of various disease symptoms, including those found in patience with autism. So products you’re buying to treat your child should be high in CBD than THC.
  2. CBD products can be used to treat various ailments
    Even though CBD has been proven to manage and treat various disease symptoms, it is always advisable to get the recommendation of a doctor before administering it to your child. But altogether, CBD can be highly effective in treating depression, seizures, anxiety disorder, ADHD and autism. It should be noted that the ratio of CBD-THC in each product differs.
  3. CBD can be served with food
    Doctors have found out that one of the best ways to administer CBD is to try infused oils/tinctures mixed with food. CBD oil can be mixed with smoothies, popsicles or other in other products to make it easy for children to consume. CBD can also be administered topically.
  4. Accessing CBD products for children’s treatment can be stressful
    You should know that not all Countries have officially legalized the use of CBD for the treatment of autism. For parents whose children have adapted to the use of CBD for the treatment, it can be quite a challenging experience to find affordable and safe CBD. CBD products can be accessed legally and safely by doing research and purchasing products from trusted suppliers. Try to research your area and learn if CBD is available and safe before starting any treatment.
  5. Using CBD treatment for autism can be expensive
    Studies show that parents who make use of CBD to treat their kid’s autism spend as much as $500-$1000 every month on the CBD oils. The price of these CBD products vary depending on the brand you want. However, don’t purchase inferior products because they’re cheaper. Always make sure the brand you’re using is trusted and reputable.

Bottom line

CBD treatment and autism is one of the latest trends in the medical cannabis space. The treatment of autism using CBD products has been proven to be a safe and effective method. Every parent considering the use of CBD products as a treatment for their child’s autism should visit a medical cannabis facility to prepare a care plan for their child. They should always try to find quality CBD products from reputable stores. The CBD products bought should also be low/no THC, and it is advisable to go for full-spectrum products that are high on CBD. It is necessary to be an informed parent when choosing these products, it is your child’s health we are talking about! No amount of dedication is excessive. Verify the legality of CBD products in your region and when you finally get the product, make sure you see a certified doctor before administering the CBD on your child. Also, note that the effect of the treatment won’t occur immediately, these things take time.

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