9 Important Things You Need To Know To Identify and Buy High-Quality CBD Oil

9 Important Things You Need To Know To Identify and Buy High-Quality CBD Oil

If you are in the market for CBD oil for any reason, first off, you are in the right place to get some quality advice and resources right here from Grass Chief. Looking further afield though, if you want to make sure you are only purchasing the best quality products around, here are a few tips to keep you on track.

With these simple steps you can follow, you should find that the quality of CBD oil which you eventually end up buying and using will be of greater quality than before. You will also hopefully gain a better appreciation of what goes into making a top-quality CBD oil.

  • Quality Ingredients That are Listed and Verifiable

This was always an important aspect of choosing the right CBD oil, but with popularity booming now more than ever, it has become extra important to check that all ingredients are clearly listed on the packaging.

Although you can vape safely with us, you do not want to find yourself in a similar situation of buying cheap, low-quality products featuring ingredients that do not belong.

This means completing your due diligence checks and being sure to research any ingredients that you are unsure of before consuming. This is a very simple process to follow in today’s tech-savvy world with the internet at our fingertips.

  • How Much CBD is Used

Ensure that you know the level of CBD content in the product you are purchasing. This may seem like a simple and easy thing, but it can be easy to become confused.

More often than not, this is clearly stated. With some thought, that may not be the case, or the content amount you are seeing is for the whole package and not per dosage depending upon how it is administered,

You should also make sure that the CBD oil you are purchasing is the ideal fit for your lifestyle. There can be a big difference in the strength and user profile of capsules vs tinctures for example.

This is something that you may ultimately need to tinker with a little until you find the solution that ideally fits your needs.

  • How Was This CBD Extracted

There are various methods when it comes to CBD extraction techniques. What you are looking for is the best quality, purest CBD  product you can find presumably. This is typically delivered through CO2 extraction of the CBD.

Other methods may work just fine at delivering a quality personal use product, but if you are buying from an established brand and with regular lifestyle usage in mind, you should ideally be looking for products that are as efficient as possible.

As you start to develop more experience in the area, you may even want to try extracting your own CBD or experimenting with other types. For now though, the thing to look out for is quality CO2 extraction.

  • Does the Price Represent Adequate Value

This is something which of course applies to any product you buy in any industry. It is very important though that you are paying for what you get and not being charged a premium above what you should be.

There are a few ways in which you can verify this. You should always check with several sources, and you should take into account the levels and quality of CBD and other ingredients when making such an assessment.

With more and more options on the market, yes you have to be careful, but you also have excellent potential to grab a great deal thanks to rising competition in the sector.  More expensive does not always mean better, and less expensive does not always mean inferior.

  • What Type of CBD are you Buying

When you are in the market for CBD and CBD related products, you have to be mindful of the various types of CBD in the market.

You should be aware of the difference between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate in order to know exactly what you are purchasing and the effects of the product. Each one may be used to treat quite different issues and can also vary greatly in strength, price, and application.

  • Does the Company Have a Solid Reputation

This one should really go without saying, but it is surprising the number of customers who will be sold on a product without knowing anything about the company. Particularly in this sector, you need to ensure that everything about the company you are buying from is completely above board.

For this reason, we highly recommend purchasing from a verified source at any given opportunity, ones with experience in the industry, excellent customer support, and always deliver top-quality products.

If you must go elsewhere, then at least exercise caution and good sense in judgment to do some research on the company before buying from.

  • Has it Been Independently Tested

This is something that not too many people may think of, but it can mean a substantial improvement in the quality of product you receive. This point, while also standing to the good reputation of the company, also means that the products are completely free of any harmful ingredients and certified.

Any reputable company should be able to provide you with lab testing reports for the CBD which can clearly outline the contents, and quality of the products. If you do not receive these reports on request, or they appear to be altered or not sufficiently independent, then it can be a cause for concern.

  • Is Quality Hemp Being Used and Can you Trace it Back

The quality of the hemp plays a significant role in the end quality of your CBD. For that reason, just as you want to know and verify the origin of your meat and other products, you should be looking into verifying the origin of the hemp from which the CBD was derived.

There is no wrong answer in this category, though there are certainly preferred areas of the US and Canada which can be used to grow top quality hemp which is preferable.

  • What Others Say About the Product

This is probably the simplest thing to look out for. It may be last on the list but it certainly is not lacking in importance.

The feedback of others in the industry is key to helping you make a good decision. That is one of the reasons why we always welcome your feedback here at Grass Chief on any of our products you have purchased. We are always confident that the quality and value in our products will shine through, Any business which does not offer that same confidence may not be worth your efforts

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, how you choose your next CBD products is completely up to you. What you have here though are a few of the basic points which can help you make the most informed choice possible. There is a lot more to consider, but these are some of the key areas.

Of course you will likely be influenced by some other external factors, your budget for one. The important thing here is not to compromise quality, and how to recognize quality CBD when you do see it.

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      If your question relates to the tinctures, then the white one is water-soluble (also known as Nano) and the clear one is oil soluble (also know as time-release). The difference is in our body’s ability to absorb the product. Nano CBD can be absorbed very quickly while oil-soluble can take an hour to absorb. Both products end up being absorbed entirely by the body.

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