5 Benefits of Using CBD Topicals

benefits of using CBD topicals

It is no longer a new thing that cannabis, specifically CBD (cannabidiol), is being used in the treatment and relief of several health conditions. Have you had back pain or sore knees? You may have used a pain relief cream at one point and immediately felt better! But why? Cannabis and CBD Topicals have become particularly popular for having several beneficial health properties. As one of the numerous cannabis compounds, CBD is popular because it is non-psychoactive, unlike its counterpart THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

CBD can be used in topicals, which include lotions, sprays, balms and oils, to provide therapeutic relief and even general skin solutions for your body. These topicals are usually made by extracting CBD from the plant itself and infusing it into available oils like olive oil, hemp seed oil or coconut oil. It is then made into the topical of your choice.

CBD in cream or oils binds with the CB2 receptors that are found in your skin and activates them once rubbed, to bring you relief without entering the bloodstream. This ensures that there is no risk of psychoactivity no matter how much is rubbed on the skin.

5 Benefits of Cannabis Topicals

Pain Relief

Pain relief may be the most common use for CBD Topicals. CBD topicals provide effective and immediate relief to pain in any parts of the body that they have been rubbed. This means that conditions such as arthritis and inflammation of the joints can also be treated with the use of topicals. The relief of chronic pain and arthritis rank as some of the most popular reasons to use cannabis topicals, as its application typically makes the lessen or eradicate pain. The strength of this method of treatment lies in the anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties of the cannabis present in the topical.

Treatment of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a condition that is caused by excessive production and build-up of skin cells which lead to the inflammation and bleeding of the skin and joints. Few studies have proven that the use of CBD oil helps reduce the immune stress and overproduction of skin cells while also prevent them from dying too quickly. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help soothe the scalp and reduce itching of the several red patches that are usually visible on the skin. This is supported by a 2007 study that made it known that cannabinoids helped subdue the accumulation of dead skin cells.

Skin Repair and Enhancement

Cannabis products such as balms, oils and lotions which are added topically have great benefits to offer your skin. CBD topicals such as creams and salves can offer multiple benefits by relieving pain, but also can aid the swelling or other skin irritations that come from scratches, burns, or bug bites.

The fact that cannabis itself has high antioxidant properties means it will ensure a speed up in the repair of tissues and the healing process of any damages caused by injury or the environment. It can also promote the fusion of collagen which is an important protein that helps advance youthful and smooth skin.

Treatment of Bacterial Infections

Relevant clinical studies and research have been able to point out that skin conditions such as cellulitis, folliculitis, boils, impetigo and even acne, can be treated with cannabis. One study conducted in 2008 tested the activity of five major cannabinoids (cannabichromene, tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol, cannabinol and cannabigerol) against MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) which develops as a result of antibiotic resistance. What this means is that the possibility of antibiotic resistance occurring as a result of the use of cannabis to treat infections is quite low. These antibiotic properties of cannabis have profound prospects for the treatment of skin bacterial infections and can be harnessed through the use of cannabis-infused topicals.

Relief of Epidermolysis

Apart from bacterial infections, cannabis topicals have also shown significant prospects in the management of epidermolysis bullosa, a skin disease responsible for the blistering and fragility of the skin. This particular disease has no known cures yet but the management of the blisters can be better carried out with the aid of cannabis topicals. This was found out after the publication of a 2018 study in Paediatric Dermatology where 3 families employed the use of CBD topicals in managing the disease in their children. It helped the reduction of the pain and inflammation of the skin which causes the blisters and also rejuvenated it while decreasing their need for pain medication. This not only offers hope to others suffering from this condition but also shows that cannabis topicals can be safe for use in children.

One major thing that we are learning is that some of these benefits for some conditions were found out through self-initiated use by those affected, and a lot of anecdotal evidence. It is hoped that more studies and clinical trials will be held to help substantiate these claims so that many people will be able to enjoy the abundant benefits that CBD topicals have to offer.

It is also important to remember that CBD oil is quite different from other THC or blended oils and you should take note of this difference when reviewing the ingredient list of your products before purchase. You should also try checking out the ingredient list first to ensure there are no ingredients that will increase your discomfort or try applying it on a little area of the skin before using it fully.

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