Cannabis for Health: Study Shows Cannabis is Effective Against Diabetes

Cannabis for Health: Study Shows Cannabis is Effective for Diabetes

The name ‘Marijuana’ brings an image of the recreational drug that is used in parties and nightlife gatherings etc. However, scientific research of “Cannabis” has a lot more to say. It won’t be exaggerated if we start giving Cannabis the medicinal value it rightly deserves against diabetes. The question is how far Cannabis has succeeded in bestowing treatment to the diabetes sufferers? In this article, you will get a detailed overview of the health benefits and the risk factors Cannabis brings in the lives of its consumers.

Diabetes: How would it impact your health life?

Diabetes is a chronic condition that has a direct effect on the circulation of blood and can give rise to several negative complications in the nervous system.

American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC) claimed that Cannabis has a number of health benefits for diabetic patients. We have assembled those benefits below for you:

  •         Cannabis stabilizes and balances the sugar levels in the blood.
  •         Cannabis is an anti-inflammatory agent that works to reduce arterial inflammation.
  •         It reactivates receptors present in the body, specifically in the brain, so that the pain caused by neuropathy lessens.
  •         Cannabis is rich with anti-spasmodic agents that provide relief against cramps.
  •         Due to Cannabis consumption, the pain caused due to gastrointestinal disorders becomes bearable.
  •         The intake of Cannabis allows the blood vessels to stay dilated that results in the improvement of the blood circulation.
  •         Cannabis helps lower your blood pressure which is better for the health of patients inflicted with diabetes.
  •         The usage of cannabis butter as an ingredient in your food ameliorates cardiac health.
  •         Most of the diabetic patients would complain of “Restless leg syndrome”. Cannabis is used in the manufacture of creams and antiseptics to fight against it.

Cannabis is beneficial for those who are diagnosed with type 1 and 2 diabetes. However, there is an ambiguity in how it treats the patients whose type 2 diabetes is still in development.

The American journal of medicine from 2013 propounds that Cannabis is useful in keeping the blood sugar level balanced. It suggests that there are fewer chances of having obesity in people who consume Cannabis. The research indicates that those who use Cannabis frequently have a phenomenal carbohydrate metabolism that is better than the ones who don’t use it at all.

What a diabetic patient experiences first hand with Cannabis usage:

As a diabetic patient, you want to know what form of Cannabis to take, and what effect that Cannabis Product would have directly on your health.  Using Cannabis on a regular basis means your blood sugar levels would be getting lower and eventually, the A1c results would reduce.  Cannabis decreases insulin resistance in the body and provides a healthy approach to blood sugar management.

Cannabis is indeed a go-to medicine for diabetic 2 type patients, but the patients of diabetes type 1 have still a long way to before considering it as their casual medicine. More scientific research is needed in this department for them.

The impact of cannabis on your mental health and its stability:

In the current ongoing times, depression has become a very common illness. But we have good news for you, Cannabis can effectively combat clinical depression. Moreover, it can provide ease from mental complications that people may be suffering from. Why has Cannabis medicine gained so much hype? The credit goes to the “endogenous cannabinoid system”, considered a very significant physiological system that helps in the effective maintenance of human health. Endocannabinoids are present in the human body. Including in immune glands, organs, and tissues, where they perform a different task, each one carried out for the sake of homeostasis maintenance.

How does it give you ease against body inflammation?

CBD contains anti-inflammatory agents. Chronic inflammation is significant with diabetes type 2, and research is continuing to find how effective CBD is in the reduction of diabetic inflammation. The research findings indicate that there are high chances of CBD to act as curative of neuroprotection and inflammation. Scientific research further suggested that CBD is a vital resource for treating cardiovascular complications and atherosclerosis other than diabetes.

Cannabis VS Peripheral Neuropathy:

Peripheral neuropathy is a crucial body condition that occurs when the nerves associated with the spinal cord undergoes damage. It gives rise to severe pain in the body organs followed by numbness and weakness. Cannabis has shown proven results in providing alleviation from this troubled body condition. Testing revealed that with the use of CBD, animals having extreme diabetic retinopathy restored their health.

How Cannabis provides a cure for retinopathy?

You might have heard about diabetic patients whose eyesight weakened with time. Retinopathy happens to be the reason behind that. It makes diabetic patients suffer the loss of eyesight. The National Eye Institute claims that this complication brings blindness and eye diseases in people during their youth. CBD oil imparts healing to the patients of diabetic retinopathy with its usage within approximately three weeks, as proposed by research.

Can Cannabis show negative effects on the health of diabetic patients?

The potential answer to this is yes. Cannabis can act as a placebo against diabetes and all the complications related to it, but it can draw some mild negative impacts on patients as well. However, these drawbacks are for a momentary basis and can be avoided with balanced doses.

Cannabis brings mental and physical effects on your entire body. These effects might be mild in comparison to other drugs, but that doesn’t invalidate the role Cannabis plays when consumed in abundance. You may not fall in love with every outcome Cannabis brings to your body system if you take too much of it.

– You can experience a spike in your heartbeat and pulse rate
– You may have a dry mouth
– Cannabis can cause bloodshot eyes
– Cannabis can cause dizziness intermittently
– You might face complications in showing focus and concentration

Wrapping it up!

Cannabis is a useful medicine that provides treatment to fight diabetes. Out of all the medicines available, Cannabis shows drastic health benefits for diabetic patients. As per the researches, it is a concluded fact that Cannabis will stabilize your blood sugar levels, fight against the body inflammation, improve blood circulation, and increase body insulin level.

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