You Need to Know: 7 Things About Cannabis and Sleep

7 Things About Cannabis and Sleep

Most of us tend to lead very busy lives. This can be just one of the things which cause us to be stressed out and turn to our favorite plants. Now, we all know about the positive impact of cannabis on anxiety. This has been effectively studied over the years and is now finally getting the recognition which it deserves.

What may not be so clear is whether or not this very same cannabis can assist us in getting a good night’s sleep. As some of you may have experienced, certain strains do put you to bed in a very powerful fashion, but is this actually correlated with better sleep? – Let’s work on finding out both the positive and negative in the world of cannabis and sleep.

Higher THC Content Can Help You Drift Off

We all know that some of the very high THC strains can put you into almost complete lockdown when you are high and this ultimately leads to you entering a very deep, trance-like state and sleep on many occasions.

What we are not quite sure about just yet is whether this deep sleep really contains all of the benefits which you would get from your own routine deep sleep. Research is still being done on the sedative impact of THC, although what certainly does seem true is the fact that some amount of THC can help reduce the amount of time it takes for you to fall asleep. This can be excellent for anyone who is stuck endlessly counting sheep.

CBD Provides Sleep Benefits Without the High

Perhaps getting really high before bed is just not your thing. That is completely understandable and luckily, help is again at hand from the multi-faceted CBD. Finding the correct balance of CBD to THC in a strain could actually lead to the perfect solution when it comes to finding you the perfect night’s sleep.

At this point, although research on the precise effect of CBD on your rest is continuing, early signs have been positive. A recent study of CBD-taking patients concluded that there were indeed positive links between the two. This is no surprise when you consider the positive effect it also has on anxiety-related conditions. Even with just these issues attended too, you night of sleep is bound to become much more peaceful.

Common Terpenes Can Improve Your Sleep

Weed has more to it than just a makeup of THC and CBD. Of course, there are multiple other elements which can help promote an end to any sleeping woes you may have. The key here could even lie in terpenes. These are the tiny molecules which give your strain the nice flavor and taste which you can enjoy. The thing here is that many of them can also lead you to a more effective night of slumber.

To name a few of these, myrcene is one which is noted to display sedative effects. Caryophyllene is another which is commonly found in many strains and also works to produce anti-inflammatory properties, and limonene which you will find in any of your favorites that have a zesty flavor is also known to help elevate levels of serotonin in the body.

These are just a few of the extra ingredients which you may not consider but that can certainly have an impact when it comes to getting a good rest.

Changing it up Can be Helpful

Of course, all good things can come to an end at some time or another. This can also be partially true when we are considering some of the effects a cannabis strain may have. Slowly but surely the body adjusts, and over time you may have reached a plateau. That is why it is very important to change things up every now and again.

Always have a backup strain to hand, and even another backup for that one. This is one step you can take to help ensure that the positive impact on your sleep continues to last the test of time. This is also true of other weed effects and even your general reaction to a particular strain. Our bodies are continually developing and you may notice your tolerance or high change over time. With so many new strains always coming on the market though, there should be no good reason to at least not have a few lined up.

Next-Day Drowsiness is Possible

Naturally enough, if you bed down for the deepest sleep you have had for a long time, or possibly ever, it may well take a while to get back up and alert. This is something you may even find when you get a great night of sleep. It was so good that you actually wake up or push yourself to get started and find you are still drowsy. The same can happen from any top-quality strain which puts the lights out on your night.

It is just something which you should be aware of and if it does happen not to be worried or feeling negative about it. Instead, you can be thankful for such a heavy night on the pillow and start to feel the positive impact later in the day.

Dreams can Become Restricted

Who doesn’t love a great dream? Unfortunately, this is one thing which you will definitely experience less of if you are a regular weed enthusiast. This is because cannabis, particularly as the last part of your day, is shown to reduce the amount of time you spend in REM sleep. This is the time at the end of the night that you typically spend dreaming.

So, although you won’t be pushing any elephants down the stairs for the moment, if you take a break from enjoying your weed for the night, you can look forward to a dreaming bonanza as by all accounts, dreaming is greatly intensified at that time.

An Over-Reliance is Never Positive

While we do try to keep things all positive, let’s be sure to get it right, cannabis can be a fantastic assistant in helping you get an improved night’s sleep. The keyword there is assistant. It should not be the main driver in being responsible for you getting to sleep at night. This may well work for short periods, but in the longer term it is simply not feasible and putting off inevitable problems. You have a responsibility to yourself to investigate any issues which are persisting in the long-term and maybe removing the enjoyment from your cannabis experience.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you have come in search of better slumber, we certainly hope that you can find your solution in cannabis and some of the strains we offer at Grass Chief. As you can see, there are certainly a number of positive aspects to out-weight any negatives which may occur and generally, if you keep things in balance, find a strain that works for you, and be sure to keep it in rotation with another, there really is no reason why your sleep will not improve. This too is what any recent studies and medical data is backing up.