What is Delta-9 and Why it Matters

What is Delta-9 and Why it Matters

What is Delta-9 and Why it Matters

To the uninitiated, Delta-9 may sound like a US Military task force or special ops unit. However, that’s the Delta Force! Delta-9 is a shortened term for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. More popularly known as THC, Delta-9 is a psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis plants.

While there are several cannabinoids to examine and learn about, Delta-9 is the magical substance responsible for the euphoric feelings of highness experienced when you smoke or ingest cannabis. If you’ve ever smoked a joint or used products, chances are you’ve had Delta-9 in your system.

What Is Delta-9?

Delta-9 is the psychoactive or mentally stimulating component of cannabis. This substance can be found in several products on the market, including oils, gummies, tinctures and weed. Delta-9 induces relaxation and sedative tendencies due to its potency. The amount of Delta-9 or THC in each product or cannabis plant varies depending on where it was grown, under what conditions, and the plant’s strain.

How Does Delta-9 Work?

So how does this psychoactive component work? Delta-9 operates by connecting to the cannabinoid receptors in the human brain and body to release dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical fluid secreted in the human brain to boost relaxation, happiness and comfort.

When dopamine is released into your body, you may notice more feelings of excitement, confidence and relaxation. Some cannabis users may experience sleepiness or laxity, depending on what strain they consume.

How are Delta-9 and Delta-8 Different?

You’ve probably heard about Delta-8 and wondered why there are so many deltas. Delta-8 is another THC cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. The National Cancer Institute describes Delta-8 as a “THC analogue with analgesic, antiemetic, appetite-stimulating and anxiolytic properties”. In simpler terms, Delta-8 may help in treating inflammation, loss of appetite and relieving pain. Delta-8 also produces a euphoric feeling, but this is less than what you get from Delta-9. Another essential piece of information about Delta-8 is the site of activation. Delta-8 works with the CB2 receptors, while Delta-9 works with CB1 receptors.

Delta-9 is different from its predecessor in its psychoactive effects and site of activation. Asides from this, Delta-8 offers more health benefits than Delta-9, has a lower potency and exists in fewer concentrations in cannabis plants. Delta-9 remains the primary THC cannabinoid found in cannabis plants and is responsible for the high you get from smoking or ingesting cannabis.

Why is Delta-9 Important?

Understanding the importance of Delta-9 requires taking a puff yourself. Just kidding, we’ve researched that part for you!  The primary significance of Delta-9 is its psychoactive effect. The psychoactive nature of Delta-9 is responsible for the fuss around it. If you’ve ever consumed cannabis, you can testify to the blissful nature and cool vibes that are associated with it. Delta-9 is responsible for bringing that feeling to life.

Another importance of Delta-9 lies in its medicinal value. Historical analysis suggests that cannabis plants have been used for medical treatments for hundreds of years. However, there are scientific studies that attest to the efficacy of THC in treating specific ailments. Some of these ailments include anxiety, depression, insomnia, glaucoma and muscle spasticity. Delta-9 also helps you with itches, nausea and inflammation.

Since THC is merely one of the 60 different cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, it would be hasty to attribute all of the plant’s medicinal value to the presence of Delta-9. CBD, which, the other chemical compound in cannabis, is thought to retain several health benefits after THC is extracted.

THC and CBD have a combined effect of improving your health systems. This synergy is known as the entourage effect. Just as humans and living organisms are interdependent, all of the cannabinoids rely on each other to provide optimal benefits.

How is Delta-9 Consumed?

There are several ways of consuming Delta-9, depending on the type of product you buy. Although the primary method of consuming Delta-9 is smoking, other forms have sprung up and are just as effective. Some of the popular ways of consuming delta-9 include the following.

Traditionally, inhalation is the most common way of consuming THC. Inhaling Delta-9 offers you a quick high and is the fastest way to feel the drug’s effects. Nowadays, inhalation takes several ways, including smoking, vaping and the use of bongs. Inhaling delta-9 molecules require lighting up a joint or bong, relying on combustion. Vaping is more discrete and can be done without much combustion.

Delta-9 may also be consumed orally by ingesting products with THC contents. These are usually in the form of edibles, capsules and oils. The effects of Delta-9 may take some time to kick in when ingested. This is because the natural process of absorption and digestion needs to take place. However, delta-9’s effects last longer when taken orally than other forms of consumption.

Direct Application:
Delta-9 may also be administered directly to certain parts of the skin. This may be done by including THC in your lotions and bath foams. When you apply Delta-9 to any part of your body, you’re unlikely to experience any psychoactive effects. Consuming THC in this manner can help reduce muscle pains and inflammation. The impact of a direct application doesn’t go beyond the spot applied to.

Ingestion and direct application are valuable alternatives to inhalation. So if you’re a non-smoker or you wish to experience the benefits of Delta-9 without inhaling fumes, you should consider ingesting them. It’s essential to note that many oils and topicals come with a prescribed dosage to avoid overdosing. If you’re new to using these products and want to try them recreationally, you should try microdosing in the early days to determine your tolerance levels.

Now that you know what Delta-9 is, its uses, importance, and how to consume, you may lend your voice to the cannabis gospel. You can also share your Delta-9 experiences and opinions in the comment section below!

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