Cannabis and Fitness: How it Works and What You Need to Know

Cannabis and Fitness

Looking closely at this title you may think that this is a mistake and that GC has lost their marbles. Guess again friends, there is a definite link to be drawn between enjoying your favorite plants and hitting the gym. A lot of this link is even very positive.

Here we will take a more in-depth look into the positives and some drawbacks of using cannabis and working out, but from the outset, you should know that more than one piece of recent research has drawn on the positives in the relationship between your exercise and recreational cannabis use.

Starting With the Stereotypes

Let’s get these out of the way straight off the bat. There are a variety of common traits associated with those who use cannabis (usually propagated by those with no knowledge or user experience). Making a list of these which pertain specifically to exercise, we have come up with the following handful:

l Lazy
l Unmotivated
l Slow-Paced
l Lethargic

These are just a few of the stereotypes which you all know and are bound to have become frustrated with at some point or another. This new outlook and research is something which challenges those stereotypes. This is something that a regular user already knows, but many different strains can produce a vast range of different outcomes when it comes to your state of mind and activity. Many strains can in fact leave you feeling energized and highly creative, which effectively dispells all of these stereotypes.

When Did Cannabis and Working Out Become a Thing?

Many years ago, a fellow cannabis enthusiast had mentioned that he liked to smoke a little before going to the gym for a workout. At the time, this was still something quite unheard of, so it was simply dismissed as an odd concept. As time has gone by, particularly with the increased medical studies and growth in knowledge and popularity of CBD, the whole thing has started to trend. Now, this is becoming a less and less uncommon site by the day. So, the question is, what kind of benefits are our cannabis-taking gym buddies seeing? – Well, here are a few of the positive, and a drawback or two that we ourselves, along with verified research have come up with in our investigations of this growing craze.

Reduced Inflammation

A well known benefit of cannabis which has been extensively explored and reported on, is that of reduced inflammation. This can be particularly useful from an exercise perspective when you are dealing with people who may struggle with joint pains and inflammation through injury.

In this area, the benefits are much the same as they would be in the medical field to treat a patient who is suffering from a chronic condition like arthritis. These healing properties, while not doing all of the work, can certainly make the life of a gym-goer more pain free. Naturally, this should help them get there much more frequently.

This also does not mean that cannabis has to be smoked to be beneficial. There are many types of CBD topical creams and oils that can be applied. These have also been steadfast in there popularity rise among athletes in recent years as the benefits have become more realized.

Ease Muscle Aches and Pains

Another area where cannabis use before working out can have a profound impact is when it comes to relieving muscle aches and pains. This is somewhat in line with the reduction in inflammation, but, cannabis has also been shown to have positive results in the area around pain management and reduction.

There is nothing which makes it more difficult to get up and go to the gym for a workout than that lingering muscle pain. With this relieved as much as possible through the introduction of CBD oil and other cannabis byproducts, there is little doubt that you will find yourself back on that treadmill or bench with greater frequency.

Again, there are many ways in which you can be sure to get enough of these supplements like CBD and even THC oil, all without having to actually smoke if that is not your thing.

Improved Mental Function

This is one point which we simply had to mention. It is also something which runs contrary to the most common stereotypes we mentioned above. Typically, detractors well say that cannabis makes people lazy, unproductive, or less aware of their surroundings. The findings of this research study could not be further from that fact.

This details how athletes and people doing exercise actually felt much more focused and in the zone when it came to training and completing workout tasks. While many on the outside may question this statement, we have first-hand experience from many of our strains which provide a really intense and focused high. With consumption of some of these strains you could become very productive and motivated to finish any particular task in a short period of time.

This is without doubt very helpful to your fitness regime. The only one caveat which exists here is that you have to ensure it is the right strain which works for you. While doing this, you should take care to remember that every strain can have a different effect, and also time can change your high with any particular strain.

Increased Quality of Sleep

Again, working together here we have both THC and CBD. There is plenty of evidence to show that both help you improve your sleep. THC can, of course, send you into a deep and relaxing sleep. This is something you will have found out with many of our harder-hitting strains.

The CBD also plays an active role in helping you with any existing sleep disorders and ensuring that you are as relaxed as possible. It is little surprise then that this can work in your favor when you do hit the gym. Providing you are not overly drowsy from a strain that is too hard, you can wake up with a clarity of mind that gives your body just the right amount of increased energy that you need to perform great at the gym.

Some Potential Caveats

Of course, as with all things, even those that are good for us, there will be some things to watch out for. One of the major things here is over-indulgence. Saying that weed helps us workout better is OK at certain levels, but clearly not if you are completely high and locked in.

On the same note, you need to be sure that the strain you are selecting is suitable for purpose. This purpose is to energize you and give you an increased sense of focus above all. Therefore, choose your strain with those potential attributes in mind.

Finally, everyone is different. What works for one person may not work for the other. That, or it could have the opposite effect. The key in this regard is to be open to trying, but also be sensitive to monitor any changes in body and mind. If these changes are pushing you in the correct direction, then keep going. If not though, look for another route.

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