Shedding Light on Vape Safety

Avoid the Hysteria and Vape Safely with Grass Chief Products

In light of the recent upsurge in vaping-related news surrounding the health of certain unsafe products in the market, we feel people’s health should never be compromised in favour of economics.

Keep Yourself Safe and Healthy

From the outset, the most important point which we would like to make is: only vape products that contain pure inhalable oils and natural plant terpenes that are safe for consumption. This means we do not approve of the use of any other additives, vitamins, or unhealthy chemical substances of any description in any vape or cannabis oil products.

We also use vape products and cannabis oils on a regular basis so you can rest assured that we did our due diligence, but we do encourage you to do the same.

Is There a Wider Problem With Vape Products?

There is no denying that several cases have hit the news recently. These cases made a tenuous link between generalized “vaping products” and lung disease deaths, a total of 6 according to the Washington Post’s recent report, and that number will likely keep climbing until the matter is solved.  There may be more cases that come out into the light but when you consider that the FDA and other government agencies approve questionable compounds for general human consumption, you can be sure some producers will make use of them if it pads their pockets generously.  The good news: It’s not all about profit for everyone, so as long as you search out the purest products then you are safe.

This link between vape and lung issues has caused what we can only describe as a frenzied response from officials which has caused some kind of mass hysteria around vaping. Taking the logical and reasonable analytical approach, it is very clear and obvious for us to see that the problems which were caused are directly linked to the presence of Vitamin E acetate and other cheap filler chemicals and solvents – Products that we would never use ourselves, and would advise you to avoid.

So, in short, the products which are at the center of this issue are those that have been diluted with additives at the expense of quality and ultimately health. This is a world away from our mission to discover the healthiest and best quality products. The truth is that the poor quality products account for a very minimal proportion of the whole industry.

What is the Path Forward for Vaping?

As you likely read earlier this week, several states in the US have proposed or begun enacting bans on flavored cartridges. This might trickle up to the Canadian market, and remains to be seen.  This is simply a reactionary response due to misunderstanding of what is actually going on, an impulse reaction derived from a minimal understanding of the products themselves.

It remains to be seen whether this storm will die down and the proposed bans will be replaced more likely with some stricter quality controls on the products themselves. This is something which we would very much welcome as a certain solution to eradicate the small number of poor quality products in the marketplace.

It is worth remembering as an additional point, just how many people die from cigarette smoking-related illnesses. This number completely dwarfs the current issue surrounding vaping. This would ultimately raise the issue of why are people so concerned all of a sudden about the impact of vaping? – This answer might be connected to big tobacco.  At times, this type of thinking would evoke thoughts of the battle between the cotton and hemp industry.

Ensure Your Own Safety with Only Quality Products

Throughout all of the current turmoil, the one question which we are repeatedly asked is, how can I vape safely? – Our answer is simple. Enjoy the quality products which are not diluted with harmful products not meant for human inhalation.

There has been a lot of furor about these most recent stories and the government posturing against vaping. The reality is though, with millions of vapers around the world, this number of cases is simply a drop in the ocean from people who more than likely tried to save money and compromised on the quality of products.  That said, you should always stay informed.

Buying from a trusted supplier you know that does not use anything but pure cannabis oils and plant terpenes are the easy way to ensure complete quality and safety.

More things you can do to protect yourself are to ensure that you know and understand the contents of your vape. That means no Vitamin E acetate, and you should try to steer clear of any other chemicals and solvents like polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol, both of which have been approved by the FDA for human consumption despite being petroleum products (I personally have something against consuming petrol, but that’s just me being paranoid right?).

Natural will always be the best. That said, do stay clear of vaping anything diluted with MCT oil.  MCT, while having health benefits when ingested orally or applied topically, is not meant to be inhaled.

A Final Word

These are core values and a mission we will always strive toward. Your trust means the world to us, so, if you have any further questions on vape or cannabis products in general that you are interested to try, please reach out at any time to our support team – Happy, healthy and responsible Vaping!

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