The Roots That Define Us In This Era Of Cannabis

We are humbled for the fact you are reading this right now, it is truly an exciting time of our lives.

Our brand came to fruition over a late dinner when 3 friends were discussing the future of cannabis. We arrived and struck at the name “Grass Chief”, not only because of our passion for cannabis and the heritage of our great country, Canada, but because we ultimately knew we wanted to display to the world our drive and leadership, and offer our compassion to the cannabis culture.

It took many months to get here and the journey has only just begun. Our mission is to benefit people and enhance their self-worth. We aim to deliver not only great value but a positive experience we can all share.

We feel amazing about the business because our hearts are in it for the long haul to genuinely improve and assist people we cross paths with. Our goal is to service our customers like we’re family and together we can form new ventures to make our world a more livable and friendly place.

We invite you to join the tribe and follow us as we all evolve in unison to complement each other on the path of life’s adventures.

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