How to Determine The Authenticity Of Weed

How to Determine The Authenticity Of Weed

Marijuana is facing significant interest from across the world. Its miraculous medical benefits have been the interest of research apart from being widely used for recreational purposes-. But the missing piece of this puzzle is the lack of knowledge about the authenticity of weed. The true benefits of weed can only be utilized when the purchased product is authentic. In fact, the spread of synthetic marijuana has been a point of concern for many across the world because of the negative impact this may have on the human body. The easy way to buy a good quality, authentic weed is by walking up to a certified store. But knowing the right way to analyze the authenticity of the quality of weed is the knowledge that is required for all before you decide to use it. A few points to keep in mind to determine the same are listed here.

What is synthetic weed?

The stringent rules on marijuana a few years back restricted access to the scientists who wanted the samples to understand the nature of cannabinoids. Synthetic weed was then developed to help with the same which has eventually penetrated into markets now. Commonly referred to as Spice, K2 or Black Mamba, Synthetic weed is chemically similar to natural weed. Yet, consumption of the same has been reported to affect the brain powerfully causing kidney damage, seizures, suicidal thoughts, vomiting, violent behaviour, and increased heart rate. Unlike natural marijuana, the substance does not have medical benefits and is said to have various serious effects on the body upon regular consumption.

How authentic is my weed?

So to figure out if the weed you have just purchased is of good quality follow the tips here taking it as a basic set of guidelines:

The Look test: Inspect your bud before you consume. Look closely on the stems and buds to see if there are any crystalline substances whitish in colour. But remember trichomes are also crystal substances that cover weed indicating good quality which is a resin on the surface. But synthetic contaminants look completely different from trichomes.  Avoid consuming the weed in this case as it might be contaminated. Real weed usually comes as whole buds and is seldom ground to fit into small packets whereas synthetic weed is commonly ground and sold in small sachets which mostly looks like a mixture of herbs. Real weed will not look like a mixture of different plants. Also, avoid weed which has brown flowers as this indicates oxidation and hence the experience of smoking the same will not be comforting.

The Smell test: Natural marijuana has a very unique and distinctive odour. It is pleasing, fresh and smells like a herbal blend which is mildly earthy. If the bud smells damp, musty or foul stay away from consuming the same. Also, in the case of synthetic marijuana, it is easy to distinguish as it has a very strong odour. This is very different from natural marijuana as it smells like chemicals. Most synthetic marijuana has flavours added to it and hence it is quite easily possible to distinguish the same. The scent of chemicals will help you identify synthetic weed.

Watch out for effects: Regular users of marijuana can quickly identify when they don’t feel good after smoking. The familiar feeling of high, if not present from consuming any particular substance needs to be paid attention to. It is often observed that people consuming synthetic weed have erratic and extreme crazy behaviour displayed which is not so in case of natural weed. Hallucinations are common when consuming synthetic weed and hence avoid the source from where you purchased the same in the future if you experienced anything disturbing.

Know your dealer:  In case of legalized states, it is preferred to purchase only from authorized dispensaries to avoid being cheated. Keep a regular dealer to purchase from and only buy from known and trusted sources.

Watch out

While these are the known ways to distinguish marijuana when purchased as buds there are various other sources which synthetic marijuana has tampered with. Synthetic weed is an umbrella term to the various forms of synthetic cannabis which is circling the market these days. The problem of being adulterated with synthetic marijuana is common in case of vape liquids. These concentrates are often added along with the natural concentrates in vape juices. A wide variety of chemicals are involved in making the same which could turn out to be lethal.

A recent report in Chicago had 32 people with symptoms such as urine in blood, bleeding gums, ears, and nose, coughing up blood, heavy menstrual flow in women being observed was sent to the emergency room. Hence be very careful while buying marijuana-related products such as eatables or oils or vape juices to avoid being contaminated with synthetic weed.

Do not fall for low priced cheap quality weeds that you might be exposed to as there is a possibility this has either synthetic weed or contains other contaminants. Legalized states have dispensaries with products which are usually marijuana doctors certified. Hence prefer purchasing the same over a cheap stock your dealer might try to deceive you into. Make the right choice to enjoy the benefits of weed.

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