Growing Cannabis: How to do Organic Pest Control Rightly for Your Cannabis Plants

How to do Organic Pest Control

When it comes to growing Cannabis, it’s very important that you treat it with an appropriate methodology so that the quality and safety of your plant remains untarnished.

In order to achieve this, you must use organic pest control methods that focus on the safe and healthy development of your cannabis.

Pest management is essential to the wellbeing of your crop in order to grow a good (and dank) plant.

There’s a variety of options available to you in order to execute successful organic pest control. Depending on the type of pest you’re dealing with or the environment you’re growing your cannabis, you want to choose the best method for your plant:

Foliar Sprays

Foliar sprays by basic definition are sprays that are made up of natural compounds that work to attack pests such as mites, fungus, and mildew. They contain substances like neem oil and, working in conjunction with aloe vera (a natural deterrent) and an emulsifier, they are able to effectively squander the development of unwelcome pests without tarnishing the integrity of the cannabis.

There are a variety of different oils or spices that can be mixed in order to make your own perfect organic pest control combination depending on the pest that you’re dealing with. In order to make sure you’re using the right spray for your pest, ensure you’re researching this organic pest control method beforehand. You want to select something that will directly target the pest you’re dealing with, without hurting the rest of the plant.

These sprays are to be used weekly, especially in the beginning stages of growth. They discourage pests from inhabiting your plant, and they also work to get rid of the ones that are currently inhabiting it as well.

Foliar sprays are a good option for organic pest control because they work rapidly, from the moment you utilize them. The absorption rate is very high, because you’re spraying directly on the plant. As a result, the cannabis can immediately soak up the effects.

This organic pest control option is also good because you can use it from the beginning stages of growth as a preventative measure, not only as a way to stop pests after they’ve already taken control. Cannabis needs the appropriate nutrients to make sure it grows to its full capacity, and foliar sprays are a great way to achieve this.

Planting Other Plants

Besides Foliar sprays, there are other methods to deter the possibility of pests making a home out of your newfound plant friend.

One such method is that of planting other plants alongside your cannabis plant. This organic pest control method offers a variety of advantages. These plants are natural deterrents that effectively minimize the possibility of your plant being inhabited by unwelcome pests.

These types of plants will generally dominate and override the presence of your cannabis plant and will work to attract pests to them instead.

However, there are also other plants with strong odours that you can secure in your garden that will also assist in mitigating pests as a threat. Because certain pests don’t like the smell of some plants that have odour (like that of lavender, basil, cinnamon, etc), they will steer clear of your garden entirely.

With this option, you can utilize maximum benefits of organic pest control by having both plants that will attract pests to them, but also deter pests from coming near your cannabis plant. Just make sure that you’re planting the attractive smelling plants on the other side, and the pest deterrent plants next to your cannabis.

Dominant Pests

Another approach to controlling and regulating obnoxious pests is by introducing other, predatorial, pests. This organic pest control method is to be used only if you have a clear understanding of how it works. Predatory pests are pests that are introduced to attack, target, and consume the pest that you’re trying to get rid of. This method is best suited to those that have the capacity to grow their cannabis plants in settings that exist outside of an indoor environment. Ie. in greenhouses, or a garden.

To effectively benefit from this methodology, it’s important to choose the right predatory pest to counteract the effects of the pest you are currently dealing with.

Not all predatory pests work the same, and therefore they have different targets.

If for example, you are dealing with fungus on your crops, you’d want to make sure that you are sourcing, buying, and storing the right predator pest to neutralize the threat of fungus.

Buying the wrong predatory pest to help with organic pest control can have detrimental effects, as it may end up negatively impacting your plant by attacking the plant even more.

Each of these methods have their own list of pros and cons, and depending on the environment you’re growing your cannabis, as well as the pests you’re dealing with, the threat level and the overall safety of your plant, it’s up to you to choose the best option for organic pest control.

Why Organic?

Organic pest control methods do their part in minimizing detrimental impacts on the environment. By comparing the differences to organic vs chemical options, it’s easy to see why organic pest control is the better of the two. Organic pest control methods are a virtually harmless way of making sure the integrity of your cannabis is uncompromised. Comparatively, chemical treatments have been known to be toxic when ingested by humans or animals. Therefore, organic pest control is the difference between growing good or bad weed. It is essential in the process of making your plant flourish.

Organic Pest Control, the Conclusive Evidence

These are all examples of ways to effectively manage pests intent on attacking your cannabis plant in a safe and organic way. They are three of many different options available to you as the grower and cultivator. It is essential that before you choose any of these methods, you do the appropriate research required to ensure you are optimizing the benefits of each organic pest control method. Organic pest control is by far the best option for ensuring your cannabis plant turns out to be healthy and safe for consumption. It protects your plant fully, allowing it to grow to full capacity.

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