Sugar Shack Edibles Nerd Ropes Strawberry Grape 500mg


  • Sugar Shack’s Nerd Ropes, containing a staggering 500mg of THC per rope, are iconic, chewy edibles that have gained immense popularity among cannabis enthusiasts for their potency and fruity flavors.
  • Manufactured by Sugar Shack Edibles, these ropes, coated in crunchy Nerds candy, offer a nostalgic twist with flavors like Strawberry Grape, reminiscent of childhood candy favorites.
  • With a THC content this high, caution is advised, especially for new users; starting with smaller portions, around 50-100mg, is recommended to manage the intense potency.
  • The Strawberry Grape flavor profile exudes a delightful aroma and taste of sweet strawberry combined with the tang of concord grape, effectively masking the typical cannabis flavor found in other THC-infused treats.
  • Sugar Shack’s Nerd Ropes are cherished for their exceptional taste, long-lasting powerful high, unique appearance, intense potency, and their suitability for sharing among friends.
  • Tips for consuming these potent edibles include starting with a low dose, being prepared with snacks and drinks, engaging in enjoyable activities at home, refraining from important tasks or driving while under the influence, and informing a friend about consuming a potent edible for safety.

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