Sugar Shack Edibles Nerd Ropes Cherry & Blue Raspberry 500mg


  • Sugar Shack’s Nerd Ropes pack a potent punch with a hefty 500mg of THC, offering an intensely euphoric high that requires careful dosing.
  • Available in Cherry and Blue Raspberry flavors, these ropes capture the essence of childhood candy treats, delivering a sweet, tangy burst of nostalgia with every bite.
  • Beginners are advised to start with small doses (5-10mg) to gauge their tolerance and gradually increase the dosage, while experienced users can explore doses ranging from 20mg to 200mg+ for different effects.
  • Effects of these potent edibles kick in within 30-60 minutes, inducing heightened creativity, euphoria, intensified sensations, relaxation, and potentially psychedelic experiences at higher doses.
  • Sugar Shack’s Nerd Ropes maintain consistent potency, undergo independent lab testing to verify the 500mg THC content, and receive positive user reviews for their reliability and quality.

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