Heisenberg Extractions Badder 3.5g


  • 1 x 3.5g Badder
  • Heisenberg’s Badder in the 3.5g size is an outstanding value due to its potency, flavor, and ease of use, especially for regular concentrate users.
  • Badder vs. Budder: Whipped during extraction, creating a lighter texture with bold flavors and more full-spectrum effects compared to budder and waxes.
  • Flavors: Offers an array of enticing strains like Bell Ringer, Blackberry OG, Candy Jack, and more, continuously sourcing new phenotypes for variety.
  • Cold Cure Extraction: The process involves freezing fresh plants, closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction, and a 1-3 week low-temperature soak for homogenization.
  • Potency: Badder tests at an impressive 85-95% THC, providing potent and balanced effects thanks to robust terpenes and minor cannabinoids.
  • Benefits: Delivers delicious flavor, easy to handle, provides total relaxation, suitable for anytime use, discreet and portable, offering higher effects with smaller dabs.
  • Price Breakdown: The 3.5g jar provides savings per gram compared to smaller sizes like 1g and 0.5g, making it the best value over time.

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