Bulk Makilla Gorilla Mushrooms


Bulk Makilla Gorilla Magic Mushroom: A Cosmic Blend of DC Melmak and Albino Penis Envy Strains

Quick Facts

    • Intro:
      • Newest, heavy-hitting hybrid shroom.
      • Outshines mild, run-of-the-mill boomers.
      • First shroom with pure Penis Envy lineage.
      • Psychedelic blend of DC Melmak and Albino Penis Envy = Makilla Gorilla, the ultimate tripmaster.
    • Looks:
      • Caps with kingpin-like stature.
      • Trumps average boomers in both potency and size.
      • Fresh hue: Spectrum from light brown to golden euphoria.
      • When dried: Potential for natural blue bruise magic.
    • History:
      • Roots in the 1970s with the legendary Penis Envy (PE) strain.
      • 1980s: Homestead’s groovy Melmac mutation.
      • DC Melmak: An upgraded, potent riff from breeder extraordinaire, DC.
      • Makilla Gorilla: The brainchild of combining DC Melmak and Albino Penis Envy (APE).
    • Effects:
      • Vivid Technicolor dreams and sacred geometry.
      • Clear, third-eye poppin’ visuals.
      • Profound Zen state without shroom coma.
      • Right headspace is a key unlock for full mystical experience.
    • Spiritual Use:
      • Historic sacrament for spiritual journeys.
      • Cosmic self-awareness and alternate dimensions.
      • Indigenous tribes vibe with the spirit world.
      • An unparalleled psychedelic sojourn guaranteed.
    • Dosing:
      • .25g: Feel the whispers of the cosmic dance.
      • .25-1g: Entry to the light show; a mild ride.
      • 1-2.5g: Medium-level vision quest.
      • 2.5-5g: Welcome to the heavyweight tripping league.
      • 5g+: Strap in; you’re meeting the cosmos face-to-face.

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