Mastermind Magic Mushroom Variety Gummy Squares 3000mg

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  • The Mastermind Gummy Squares contain 3000 mg of our premium blend of Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms. Each pack contains 5 Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Lime Flavored gummies!  The gummy squares are soured and bite sized making them great for microdosing, perfect for first timers, or casual day tripping.
  • intense psychedelic effects of a full 3000mg pack.
  • Sensory enhancements and deep insights.
  • Discusses the relative safety of magic mushrooms but advises caution at high doses.
  • Recommends starting with low doses and having a sober guide, especially for beginners.
  • Each tin contains 15 x 200mg Gummy Squares

Please keep in mind that edibles are subject to weather conditions. Some may melt in transit, so if you have a hot mailbox, please choose “Card for Pickup.” at checkout

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