Grape Ape x Super Glue & Blue Coma Tag Team Combo AAAA+ 2 OZ

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  • The combination pack features Grape Ape x Super Glue and Blue Coma strains, offering a balanced high with indica and sativa effects suitable for different times of the day or moods.
  • Grape Ape x Super Glue is an indica-dominant hybrid with a strong grape and pine aroma, dense purple buds, high THC levels (18-25%), inducing relaxation, euphoria, and strong sedative effects, making it ideal for nighttime use or for alleviating insomnia, pain, and stress.
  • Blue Coma, a sativa-leaning strain, boasts sweet blueberry flavors, olive green buds with sparkling trichomes, medium THC levels (16-20%), offering mentally stimulating effects for creativity and motivation, coupled with a light body buzz that aids in pain relief, perfect for morning or daytime use.
  • The combo pack provides the versatility of having both indica and sativa strains on hand, offering the benefits of relaxation and energy, catering to different needs and occasions, making it convenient for users to select the strain suitable for their desired effects.
  • Users can mix and match strains, using Blue Coma for daytime activities and Grape Ape x Super Glue for nighttime relaxation, ensuring a diverse range of effects from cerebral stimulation to deep relaxation, thanks to the premium indoor buds and high THC levels in both strains.
  • This two-ounce combo pack is curated to offer a well-rounded experience, providing meticulously cultivated flavors and balanced effects, allowing users to explore the diverse world of cannabis and enjoy the benefits of both indica and sativa strains.

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