Cannamo Gumdrop Remedies Tropical Paradise

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  • Recommends microdosing with 10mg portions for a sustained tropical experience without overwhelming effects, especially for newcomers.
  • It can offer a balanced blend of relaxation and energy suitable for multiple activities.
  • Experiencing a mental escape to a tropical paradise, offering a mental vacation despite the external environment.
  • These gourmet edibles as a way to unwind at any time of the year.
  • Flavours: Mango, Pina colada, Guava
  • 25 gummies / 10mg THC each gummy
  • Total: 250mg THC per package

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Tropical Paradise uses Delta 9 THC

  • The most famous THC. Responsible for the psychoactive high state. Much more abundant and easier to extract than D8 THC.

Please keep in mind that edibles are subject to weather conditions. Some may melt in transit, so if you have a hot mailbox, please choose “Card for Pickup.” at checkout

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