Cannabuzz Peach Mango THC 300mg


  • Content: 300mg THC
  • Flavours: Peach Mango
  • Each gummy wedge contains 25mg of THC, with a total of 12 pieces per pack summing up to 300mg THC.
  • Offers a tempting peach mango flavor, adding a summery tropical twist to the gummy lineup.
  • The high gradually sets in within 30-60 minutes, providing an uplifting and creative buzz.
  • Balanced effects with a blend of mind and body sensations, suitable for socializing or productivity.
  • Recommended for those favoring sweet fruity flavors and seeking a potent THC experience in an edible.
  • Provides a balanced high without inducing extreme sedation, offering a unique peach mango combination.

Other Cannabuzz Flavours: Trop Fruit Punch, Pina Colada and Kiwi Strawberry

Please keep in mind that edibles are subject to weather conditions. Some may melt in transit, so if you have a hot mailbox, please choose “Card for Pickup.” at checkout

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